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Boys Golf

Regular Season 2016-2017
2016-2017 x Regular Season

Rocket Golf 2018

I would like to welcome all new golfers to the team this year!

We will be hosting the concession stand at a JM girls basketball game on January 30th from 5:30-8:30.  More details as the date gets closer.

All past and future players are welcome to come and work the stand, reconnect with fellow players and of course tell stories of great shots over the summer.

Speaking of golf, there is still a lot of wonderful warm afternoons left before the snow flies.  The more you play in the fall, the quicker your game comes back to you in the spring.

The team is open to 7-12th graders. Parents, if you have question about the team, please send me an email at


Coach Miller

Updated: 10/6/17

2018 Updates

As I find out information about the upcoming year, I will post it here.

We will once again play the All City but unfortunately the Country Club will not be able to host due to construction. I am hearing we will play the tournament at Northern Hill. This should include all players.

Currently, I am working with the Lourdes coach to see if we can get back to Somerby for a Triangular with Triton. The date should be set soon!

That's it for now.  Today is October 26th and they are saying snow tomorrow. Hope not, I need another round or two yet this year!


JM Golf Tradition

JM has sent a player to the state tournament the last three years!


Bus Schedule

Here is what I have so far, times could be changed slightly as dates get closer.

Date    Opponent        Location                           Dismiss     Depart

4/17:   At Winona       Bridges GC    Varsity&JV    12:15        12:30

4/20:  Lordes/Triton   Somerby        Varsity&JV     1:30         1:45

4/21  Albert Lea          Northern H.   Varsity&JV     1:30       no bus

4/24: Lourdes          Soldiers Field    Whole Team  2pm      no bus

4/26: Mayo Invite    Eastwood GC    Top 7             11:19    no bus

5/1: M.E. & Austin    Mankato CC      JV&Varsity    11:45      Noon

5/3: Lake City          Jewel            Varsity             Noon   Shoko N. 12:30

5/4: NF Invite       N.Field CC            Varsity         11:30          11:45

5/8: All City           RGCC                   all                  noon        no bus

5/11: West & Owt       Northern H       JV&Varsity       1:00pm     no bus

5/15: Cent.&Fari.&NF.   Eastwood     Jv&Varsity       1:00pm      no bus

5/18: Mayo&R.W.      Eastwood        JV/Varsity         1:00pm    no bus

5/22: JV Invite         Northern H.     all non-varsity     noon       no bus

5/23: Big Nine       Eastwood          Varsity Only    start at 10am  no bus

5/25: Winona Invite   Bridges CC    Not sure            Noon?      12:15?

6/1:  Sections          Jewel               Varsity           all day           8:15am from the Shopko North Parking Lot

6/3: Sections           Jewel              Varsity            all day        10:15 if individuals only, 10:45 if team advances.

State is June 13 and 14th.



2017 Results

Listed Below are the Big 9 results adjusting each score with the course rating to 72. You must have at least four matches to be considered for All Conference. That list will come out later this week. The top 14 in the conference of 12 teams will be given the All Conference award.

BIG 9 Results:

Noah: Seven matches Average--85.7

Nathan: Seven matches Average--82.8 

Liam: Five matches Average--89.2

Matthew:Seven matches Average--90.7

Jewell: Six matches Average--97.8

Ben: Two matches Average--109.1

Erick: Two matches Average--97.3

Dylan: Six matches Average--93.5


Total stats with non-Big 9 matches included adjusted to 72 with course rating.
Name               Big 9            Other               Total
Noah                      85.7                  87.74                    87.62
Nate                       82.8                  86.17                    84.395
Liam                       89.2                  89.78                    89.49
Matt                       90.7                  89.95                    90.325
Erick                      97.3                  102.93                100.115
Jewell                     97.8                  96.78                     97.29
Dylan                     93.5                  95.28                     94.39

Team Overall Season Average-- 346.5


2017 Schedule and Results

April 17th:  @ Winona  Bridges GC    2:30 start  (Lost 344  to 354)

April 20th:  @Somerby with Lourdes and Triton  3:30 start, ride with Lourdes  (JM --352 lost to Lourdes-311, defeated Triton-477)

April 21:  Home verses Albert Lea   2;30 start  (Win 338 to 348)

April 24: @ Lourdes at Soldiers Field at 3:30.  JV and Varsity (Lost 347 to 332)

April 26:  Mayo Invite  10 teams, I can bring 10 players at Eastwood  1pm start. 8th out of 10 teams, shot a 346.

May 1: @East and Austin, at North Links. start at 1:30, JV and Varsity (Lost to East and defeated Austin).  East- 334, JM-349 and Austin--356.

May 3: @Jewell Invite  2pm start, varsity only (Lourdes-297, Lake City-300, NField 305 Red Wing-306, Byron-306, Owt.--322, Mayo-330, Winona-337, JM 346 )

May 4: @Northfield Invite, 2pm start, varsity only (NF-311, WEst, 315, NPrague-325, Mayo-335, Cent-339, Jefferson-344, St. Peter-348, JM-352, Burnsville-353, Kennedy-358, Austin-376)

May 8th: Rochester Invite at RGCC, noon start, varsity and JV(JM-339, Lourdes-307, Century-339, Mayo-338)

May 11:  Host West and Owatonna   2:30 start at Northern Hills JM--343 lost to both West-321 and Owatonna-- 341

May 12-- JV invite at Owatonna-Brooktree  Results: RedWing:347,  Albert Lea: 352,   Owt: 370  Mayo:384  Owt (B-team): 407  JM 413

May15th: @ Century with Faribault and Northfield. at Eastwood stat at 2:30  JV and Varsity. JM--344 defeated Faribault-378 but lost to NF--321 and Century 340

May 22: @ Mayo with Red Wing at Eastwood, 2:30 start, JV and Varsity (Mayo 333,   JM 336,   RW 308)

May 23: Big 9 at Eastwood, start 10am. varsity only (We defeated 6 teams out of 12. Good job Boys!) JM 339, Cent 340, Winona 347, NF 321, West  318, Owt 335, Mayo 336, Austin 382, Faribault 361, Albert Lea 373,  East 341, RW 320 

May 22: JV All-City Invite at Northern Hills, 1pm start, end of JV season.
(Lourdes 322, Mayo 343, JM 346, Century 346, JM takes third taking the 5th score)

May 25: @ Winona Invite, start at 2pm, Varsity and some JV (Winona 341, Cent 342, JM 356, Mayo 358, Austin 378)

Final Varsity Results: 15 wins and 30 loses

June 1: Sections at the Jewell--Came in 6th as a team out of 12. We move on as a team to day 2. We shot a 329.

June 3: Day two of sections at Jewel:  JM shot a 500 on a rain shorted second day. This put JM in 7 overall for the section. Century was 8th. 
JM advances Nathan Meyer to the state tournament.