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Regular Season 2017-18
2017-18 x Regular Season

Practice Starts Monday, Nov. 13!

Monday marks the first day of the 2017-18 gymnastics season!  We are looking forward to a successful season.  We currently have 41 gymnasts from three schools registered and ready to go.  Practice begins at 5PM and runs until 7:30.  Our practice site is Gage East Gymnasium.  Please come dressed in workout clothes (leo & shorts, hair tie, etc.).  You may want to have sweats and a sweatshirt to begin your workout.  Also bring a water bottle.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone and kicking the season off to a great start!! See you soon!!

PreSeason Update (11/5/17)

We are only a week away from the start of the season. The coaching staff is excited for the season to begin and is looking forward to meeting all the athletes! 

 I am finding some inconsistencies on the schedules regarding meets and practices so I am going to remove that link for now.  At our PAC meeting on Nov. 27, I will provide you with an updated schedule.

Practice begins on Monday, Nov. 13 at 5 PM for ALL gymnasts (JV & varsity).  Please disregard the current calendar. It is incorrect at this time.  I have our practice schedule posted on this site.  Please refer to this calendar instead at this time.    

We practice at the Gage East gym.  Practice will run from 5PM-7:30.  Gymnasts should wear a leotard, shorts and have long hair pulled up.  Each gymnast should bring a water bottle.  The gym tends to be on the cooler side so gymnasts are encouraged to dress in layers while warming up.  Occasionally, tennis shoes are needed.  The coaching staff will let the gymnasts know in advance when to bring shoes.  

For those who are not registered, please check with your schools' athletic offices to see when they plan to re-open the registration.  You will not be allowed to practice with the team until you are officially on the roster.  You are still expected to attend all practices during this time.    

If you have any questions, please email me at

See you soon!

PreSeason Update: (10/23/17)

MANDATORY PAC Meeting will be held on Monday Nov.27 at Century HS auditorium.  Mr. Kuisle will present general information to all athletes starting at 6:30.  The Gymnastics team meeting will follow beginning around 7PM.  We will meet in the FORUM following Mr. Kuisle's presentation.

PreSeason Updates: (Week of 10/16/17)

Hopefully, you all were able to get registered last week.  If not, you will need to wait until registration is open again which will be around Nov. 13.  You should still plan to be at the first-week of practice even though you will be unable to practice with the team until you are officially registered.  Practice begins on Nov. 13 at 5PM at Gage East gym.  

I will be putting the practice schedule on the website this week.  It is tentative and you should anticipate some changes.  As a general rule, our practices will be Monday-Friday from 5-7:30 and Saturdays from 12-2 pm.  Not all of the meets have been added yet so look for updates to come.

I should be hearing about the date of the PAC meeting sometime this week.  I will put it on the schedule as soon as it is announced.  As a reminder, our team attends the Century PAC meeting and it is required for all athletes and their parents even if you attended one in the fall.  I will have specific gymnastics info that I review with everyone at the meeting.  

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.  My email is:


2017-18 Winter Registration Now Open!


Please register (THIS WEEK) on-line at your respective high schools by using the online registration link found on the web site.  You will need to make sure that your physical is on file in the athletic office at your high school, is up to date and does NOT expire prior to March 24, 2018 or you will need to get a new physical.  The registration software will NOT allow you to register if you don't have one on file or will expire.  

Please visit the following:


If you don NOT get registered during this open period (Oct. 9-13), you will not be able to register until the first day of practice, which may result in missing out on tryouts and/or the first few days of practice.