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JM Baseball News

Mitch Brown Winter Break Camps

12/20/2019, 9:00am CST
By Coach Boettcher

Rochester Batting Cages and Velocity Baseball Training Winter Break Savage Pitching & Hitting Camps



  • Pitching Camp lead by former Cleveland Indians Professional Pitcher and Century High School Alumni, Mitch Brown.

-      Hitting Camp lead by University of Illinois Grad and Mayo High School Alumni Mike Michalak.


  • Rochester Batting Cages

7726 100th St NW

Pine Island, MN 55963



Monday, December 30th- Friday January 3rd

Pitching 8:00-10:00 am

Hitting 10:00am -12:00pm (Noon)


We will be sharing with you training programs available to you through the Savage Throwing and Hitting programs.


Pitching camp will include...

                                Activation            - Full dynamic warmup and pre-throw warmup progression

Sequencing         - Throwing drills and long toss progression

Recovery              - Iron Shoulders recovery and strengthening program.

Power Training- Savage Power Circuit

Video Class          - Video Tutorial discussing proper sequencing of the pitching  delivery and mechanical seminar.

Hitting camp will include…           

                                ACTIVATE             - Essential Pre-hitting Med Ball Circuit

                                HIPS                       - Introduction to Tap Belt use and importance

                                BATH PATH          - PVC Pipe Drill demonstration and introduction

                                EYESIGHT             - Sensory Training with SENAPTEC Goggles

                HIP/FOOT CONNECT         - VELOCITY BELT work

                                HANDS - Proper TEE use with routine

                                FUNDAMENTALS - Front Toss Drills

                                TECHNOLOGY      - Use/Education of Rapsodo Technology and video capture

                                DISCUSSION – Analysis and Basics of Baseball Swings


Sign up for one or both of the camps and learn to sharpen your skills and prepare to dominate the diamond this season!



Savage Pitching - $200 per athlete

Savage Hitting - $200 per athlete


How to sign up/reserve spot

- email rochesterbattingcages@gmail.com

- please provide name of parent/guardian, name of athlete, age of athlete, and a convenient phone number to keep you up to date on the camps!

ETS Performance Training

11/20/2019, 11:45am CST
By Coach Boettcher

Professional Performance Training

From Jake Kirsch:

I'm excited to announce ETS Performance will be launching in Rochester on December 2nd. This will be the 10th ETS facility to open nationwide, with a few more in the process. ETS is a private sports performance facility which specializes on the physical development of athletes ages 8 up to the Professional level. Our services include Strength Plus, which provides athletes with a personalized training program which is tailored to the needs and ability of the athlete, as well as the demands of their respective sport. We also offer Speed Plus for kids ages 12 and below, which focuses on linear/lateral speed development, deceleration mastery, change of direction efficiency, relative strength production and injury prevention. For our more advanced athletes, ages 13 and above, we offer Elite Speed sessions which focuses on more advanced phases of training experienced in Speed Plus, as well as an emphasis on reactive speed, sprinting mechanics, and sport specific energy system development. 

With our proven training systems and hands-on coaching from a team full of passionate ETS Performance Specialists, we have been able to impact the lives of thousands of young athletes by enhancing their ability on the field while promoting consistency and discipline leading to improved character development.

I'm pumped to offer all John Marshall Baseball players a special promotion with ETS to get their evaluation and FIRST MONTH OF TRAINING FOR FREE!

We have just released our athlete evaluation schedule for people on the waitlist, but not to the public yet - so there are a good amount of spots left. The athlete evaluation is the first step in getting started with ETS and is totally free for the athletes. During the 45-minute evaluation, we take the athlete through our signature dynamic warm up and sprint progression, evaluate them on running mechanics, muscular strengths/deficiencies, relative strength/speed tests, and then review the results with the parents and athlete upon completion. This is great because during the sit down with the family, we are able to educate the parents on our training systems and how they work to address the needs of the athlete, thus giving them the inside scoop on how we will help the athlete conquer their goals.

For information on how to get signed up for their free athlete evaluation, contact me here at rochester@etsperformance.com and I will send over that information! Also, if there are any further questions, feel free to contact me here or call/text me at 507-696-5866.

In the meantime, I strongly urge you to check out our website at: https://www.etsperformance.com/baseball to find further information on our services as well as some awesome testimonials from coaches, athletes and parents. 

As a Rochester Native and John Marshall Alumni, I cannot express my excitement to bring ETS to the Rochester community and athletes at JM. This is a special time in the lives of these young athletes, and they only live it once - so let's go ALL IN and do it right to create something GREAT!

Yours in Performance Mastery,

Jake Kirsch

Director of Operations - Lead Performance Coach

ETS-Rochester Sports Performance Gym