What to Pack


White jersey
White shorts
White socks
Shin guards
Team jacket
Water bottle

As Needed:

Winter Jacket
Thermal long-sleeve shirt
Thermal leggings

Bus Transportation

Bus transportation to/from away games is provided by the Athletic Department. The bus schedule, linked below, shows pick-up times for middle school and high school players. 

Middle school players are excused from school earlier than high school players because the bus picks them up first. It starts at Dakota, goes to John Adams and stops at JM's gymnasium doors before heading out of town.

When the bus is on its way home, coaches send parents an expected arrival time via GroupMe. The return bus parks at JM's gymnasium doors and coaches wait for parents to pick up their kids.

All players must ride the bus to/from away games. It is a school safety policy. Coaches conduct head counts and, if a player is missing, the bus cannot leave until the player is found. To request a one-time exception to this policy, go to the "Forms" tab and complete a Travel Release Form. The form must be submitted to the Athletic Office at least 48 hours in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the bus stop for food or bathroom breaks?

Q: Do I have to call the attendance line to be excused early?
Yes, parents of middle school players must get their student's absence excused. You can save time by pre-scheduling absences in Skyward (see instructions in left column). High school players don't have to worry about this. It's magically done for them.

Q: Where do I store my sport bag while in class?
If you're at Dakota, bring your bag to the main office or community center room and let someone know it's a sport bag. If you're at John Adams, leave your bag in the Student Services cupboard and tell Ms. Daisy it's a sport bag. If you're at JM, leave your bag in a car or put it in a gym locker (bring your own lock).

Q: What if my son attends a different school?
Contact your school's office for instructions on bag storage and sport dismissal. You will also have to find a way to get your son from his school to JM in time to board the bus. Options include carpooling with same-school players and asking friends/family for help. 

Q: Will someone tell me when it's time to catch the bus?
No. When you get to class, tell your teacher that you need to leave early. Ask if you will miss anything (ex: homework assignment, quiz) and what you have to do to make it up. Then, when it's time to leave, you can do so quietly.

Contact James Nordine at 417-872-7233


Players must have something to eat on the bus.  They can bring food from home, order sandwiches from Canadian Honker and/or bring money to purchase food from concessions.

Food from Home
This is the best option for players with food allergies and/or special diets. If your player forgets to bring his food to school in the morning, you'll have to find a way to get it to him - either drop it off at a school office or bring it to the bus at JM (before it departs).

Canadian Honker Sandwiches
This is the most convenient option. Pay $25 and get 1 sandwich for each out-of-town game that requires bus transportation (max of 5, games listed below).  Players choose their ingredients and Coach Raul takes care of the rest, including delivery to the bus! 

  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
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  • TBD

If you missed the sign-up deadline and want to place a new order for sandwiches, contact Kelly Schoeberl.  If you want to change your existing order (ingredient selection) for future games, contact Coach Raul.  

Note: Halal options include turkey, cheese, veggie or bread-only sandwiches. Ham sandwiches for non-halal eaters are prepared and packaged separately to avoid cross-contamination.

This is the least reliable option because concession stands are not always open or accessible.  They are usually located in stadiums where JV and Varsity squads play, not near the fields where B and C squads play.  Also, players only have time to purchase/eat concession food after their games, not before.  It's definitely a fun add-on to the other 2 options, though.

Note: If you do not have food at home or money to purchase sandwiches, please tell your coach.