2023 JM Track and Field Expectations


Athletes must follow rules regarding participation published by JMHS and the MSHSL. The following are additional expectations of the coaches.


Athletes will respect coaches and teammates.


Athletes will be on time to practice and competitions.


Athletes will clear absences from practices and meets with their lead coach and/or head coach in advance. If an inordinate amount of missed practices takes place, the athlete may be asked to leave the team.


Athletes will schedule work, and other commitments around practices and meets, and team gatherings.


Athletes are required to travel to and from all competitions with the team, unless the coaches make exceptions due to race times and locations. All athletes must attend post-race activities before they are allowed to leave with their parents.


Athletes will attend team gatherings and special events.

Athletes will report any injuries to coaches right away.


Athletes will set a good example inside and outside of practice and meets, as you are representing JM, your teammates and your coaches. This includes language, what you post on social media and behavior. Failure to do so could mean sitting out of a meet or dismissal from the team. Theft/destruction of property or any violation of the chemical regulations will result in removal from the team and all awards and honors will be forfeited.


Athletes are required to wear something JM (preferable track). If we look like a team, we act like a team, we perform as a team! We want our team to look like we are here to do business and get work done! Look good, race good :) 


Athletes will be inclusive to all teammates.


Athletes will work hard to get the most out of their own abilities.


Athletes are self-disciplined enough to not have constant supervision.


Athletes will contribute to the team by displaying a positive attitude!