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ETS Performance Training

11/25/2019, 11:45am CST
By JM Fastpitch
On behalf of the team here at ETS I want to share how excited we are to have your Softball girls in for an Elite Speed demo on December 1st at 5pm.
For the first 5-10 minutes, I'd love to have the parents of the athletes come in along with their kids to have a tour of ETS and listen to a brief introduction for the outline of the evening's session and our mission at ETS.  After that we will take all the athletes go thru a workout -- so please dress accordingly.
ETS Performance Rochester is located at 5931 Bandel Road NW Suite 120; east side of Hwy 52, a little North and across the street from Hampton Inn.
Englebert Training Systems (ETS) was founded in 2010 in the metro area with the mission of helping athletes discover their true potential by COMMITTING to our proven Strength & Speed training systems, OVERCOMING all adversity, and CONQUERING their goals. We focus on the physical development of athletes through our individualized and ability-based Speed Plus, Elite Speed and Strength Plus programs.
In order to start with ETS, all athletes go through their own free personal 45-minute Athlete Evaluation. The evaluation entails learning our signature warm up and sprint progression, participating in various tests for max acceleration/change of direction efficiency/relative strength and power, and undergoing a full mobility screen to assess various strengths and deficiencies. Upon completion of the evaluation, we then sit down with the parents and the athlete to review the results together and give them a detailed understanding of how our training systems work to address their strengths & weaknesses, accommodate for the time of year (off-season or in-season), and how it best fits the schedule of the family. After we find an appropriate commitment option together, we then design each athlete their own individualized training program that they consistently track their results with for each session which helps us progress them through our systems and track their improvements.
Alongside of our proven training systems that have helped over 400 athletes move on to play Collegiate sports, we emphasize the character development aspect as well. All of our sessions are capped, keeping the numbers low enough to accommodate for a low athlete:coach ratio, ensuring that the quality of the training session is ALWAYS high and each athlete is held accountable. We preach that discipline is the foundation, and excellence is the standard, and we live that daily! Throughout each session, the athlete receives hands on coaching to ensure technical mastery, which allows for the athlete to build perfect bio-mechanical movement patterns resulting in a more injury-resilient athlete on the field. 
Our goal for our #ETSFam is to provide them with best quality training systems and service to help each athlete succeed on the FIELD, and succeed in LIFE!
For information on our services, as well as Softball-specific testimonials from coaches, athletes, and parents, check out our website at:
For further information on the details of the Athlete Evaluations, check out the "Getting Started" portion on the website. For interested athletes, email Jake Kirsch at for directions on how to get scheduled for your evaluation!
We look forward to helping the John Marshall Rockets DOMINATE on the diamond this year!
Don't forget to go follow us on Instagram (@etsrochestermn) and like us on Facebook at ETS Rochester!

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