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Thought for the week

08/20/2015, 2:15pm CDT
By Pam Davick

Quote from Melanie Carvell

During 3 years of running CC, indoor track and outdoor track, I did not score a point for my team until the spring of my senior year. But, perhaps I hold a distinction to be proud of: a distinction for sticking.

Sticking is not easy if you aren't a star, when your abilities pale compared to those possessed by others. When someone isn't handling you a medal for your performance, inspiration has to come from somewhere else. No one is born with it, which is okay. Inspiration can be learned. Anyone who wants to discover inspiration and chooses to look for it will find it.

Melanie Carvell


Author: Running with the Antelopes (Article in Bismark Tribune)

The first race she came in near the rear of all the runners, well behind her teammates, but was met at the finish line by her roommate, who had been cheering for her. That day Carvell learned that friendships and encouragement meant a lot. From then on, she made a point to genuinely offer encouragement to other competitors. 

From this humble beginning, Carvell became an accomplished triathlete who won many medals and honors. She trained at the United States Olympic Training Center with the national cycling team, is a six time All American who represented the USA on eight world championship teams — winning a bronze medal in Germany in 1999.


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