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Softball Information Meeting

12/11/2018, 10:00am CST
By JM Softball

Softball Information Meeting Agenda

1. Lifting  Stronger/Faster/Better
    Work with the captains to establish a lifting plan and schedule thru Winter
    with a focus on at least two days a week an consistency.  Important to get
    yourself stronger and faster before the Spring season.  Captains will work
    to establish a schedule and we will post on the website.

2. Open Gyms
    See website for schedule -- we will go with every Wed starting Jan 2nd
    from 8pm - 9pm.  Cage will be available.  In December we will also go on
    Sundays 4:30pm - 6pm (Dec 9th, 16th) and also Friday Dec 28th 4:30pm.
    Get in the habit of using the open gym time to your benefit, and encourage
    your team mates -- and new potential team mates -- to make the most of
    this time.

3. Dome Ball
    JM Dome team will be playing in the RCTC Dome on weekends starting Dec
    29th (see full schedule here).  For others not on the team, you can come
    out and watch / cheer / practice with your team mates.  Dome is open with
    plenty of room to practice and use the space.

    There is also a Dome Camp that RYFSA is putting on, Sundays starting
    January 6th.  See here for registration information.

4. Spring Season Schedule
    First day of practice is Monday March 11th.  Registration for Spring sports
    will be end of February or early March -- get registered on time.  We need
    to recruit your fellow students to participate -- especially 7th thru 10th
    graders. So talk to your friends and encourage them to play.

    Game schedule will be posted on website, but here are some key dates:
    - Scrimmage Saturday March 16th, 7pm - 10pm
    - Scrimmage Friday March  22nd, 5:30pm - 9pm
    - Spring Break: Off Saturday March 23rd thru Thursday March 28th
          (will practice on Friday March 29th and Saturday March 30th)

5. Assignment

    - Put down 3 positions you can play which are:
       a. Position you are best at
       b. Position you most understand
       c. Position you can help the team at

    - What are/will you need to work on this off season to get better and help
      the team?

    - Write 1 WORD that will describe your DRIVE / REPRESENT you as a
      person, ball player, teammate, etc.

    - What is your GOAL for the upcoming season? How will you achieve it?


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