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Fastpitch News & Notes

Spring Break Planning

We will practice during Spring Break; however, our game scheduled during Spring Break on Thursday April 2nd (all levels) against Century has been postponed.  We will not practice Friday March 27th thru Thursday April 2nd.  Practice will resume on Friday April 3rd to prepare for games the next week. This schedule is fluid -- see the main page for latest updates.

Helping Your Daughter Enjoy Her Season

  • Get Behind your daughter and let her know that you think it is great that she is not only participating but excelling -- in the sense of doing her best!
  • At the Varsity level not everyone gets to play.  Coaches evaluate three areas: Ability, Attitude, Work Ethic
  • When it comes to providing encouragement don't hold back.  We will experience many feelings and it is important that your daughter hears and feels your support.
  • Don't become over involved.  What may seem to you as well-meaning involvement may prevent your daughter from learning how to make decisions or handle problems competently.
  • A naturel desire is for parents to want to protect their kids from the pain and sometimes agony of sports.  Like any part of life, sports is often filled with both.  There is no way to shield your daughter from these feelings but you can help her cope with these things in sports and prepare her for what lies ahead in life.
  • Encourage your daughter to be supportive of all members of the team and the coaches.  This is something you can model.  When your daughter sees or hears you being negative about the team she will display the same attitude.
  • Help keep the John Marshall tradition going strong.  We have one of the best softball programs around and it is because of the great players and the great parents that have supported us!

Softball Helmets

We have a limited number of Schutt Air helmets, high-gloss scarlet red with black attached facemask and JM logo.  These helmets are OSFM (one-size fits most) which we have been using the last 5+ years. They look sweet.

If you would like to purchase one of these helmets, contact Coach Breitbach.  First come, first serve based on availability.  Price with facemask and JM logo will be $48.00.  QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED, so please contact Coach Breitbach ASAP!!  We may have a very limited supply of used helmets that are available for $20 -- same look, just with a year or two in them.

RYFSA encourages players to have their helmet for summer ball.  We don't require players to purchase their own helmet for JM but it is more common.  As a parent and coach that has dealt with shared helmet issues in the past -- there are good reasons to have your own helmet.

Weight Lifting

Voluntary participation in a good strength program is a good way to develop good life habits that go beyond high school athletics.  The athletes in our program that make the effort to get stronger have generally been more successful in their development as a player.  We encourage everyone to make a commitment to better yourself, improve your health, your strength and put in time with your team mates.

Karl Erickson leads our Sports Performance Program (see link for details) and provides both in season and off season programs for our softball team.  Currently Karl has 4:30m on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays in the weight room for softball strength training.  Take advantage!

RYFSA Summer League

The summer fastpitch league for Rochester is run by Rochester Youth Fastpitch Softball Association (RYFSA).  Participation in summer fastpitch is not required for participation with the JM team, but it provides an opportunity for continued development on your skills.  For those that have not participated in the past, ask a team mate or coach for information on the league and visit their website.

Registration for 2020 will be open thru around March 9th. Evaluations for 10U, 12U, 14U players will be Sunday March 15th (POSTPONED).

Team formation for RYFSA is done by the board.  The league provides for teams in 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U.  Your age on Dec 31st, 2019 is used for determining what team you would be placed on for summer of 2020.  You may ask to play up an age group but the board may or may not grant the request.  We have had limited success with RYFSA organizing teams to help our high school program in recent years.

As a high-level guideline, we would like to see our Varsity and upper level JV players play together at U16 or U18, our JV and upper level C-Squad players play U16 or U14 together, and our C-Squad and younger middle school players play U12 or U14 together.  If you want to discuss what age group you should register for, feel free to ask a coach.

Softball Hitting Clips

See the following link for some good examples of hitting.  The examples for fastpitch hitters can serve as a good reference on some of the things we have been discussing and working on.  Take a look and use them as a positve visual example of what we are trying to do as a team.

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