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Rocket Hockey Volunteers


We have a few opportunities for volunteers as part of our Rocket Hockey program, both directly for our team and others for community out reach. 

  1. Log in to the page (upper left corner), Click "Edit" switch (upper right corner). Your login is your NGIN account id.  Some new folks to JM do not have NGIN accounts as its no longer the registration process like it used to be.  To create an NGIN account you can click "Create an Account" at the top of the page.
  2. Click the "sprocket" image (upper right corner of the TABLE element) to edit the table, enter your name, then scroll down to Click Save.  Each table has a it's own sprocket to edit that specific table.

If you do not see the edit switch, you can just click to email Paul Halverson with your name and slot you want to help .  You just may need to be given access to the page but I think I have most everyone logged.  If you dont want to bother with an NGIN account that is fine, too just email me1

Thanks for helping Rocket Hockey!

Olmsted County Fair Volunteer

We will be working at Dakota Supply Group parking lot this July for the fair. We get all proceeds from the week. We will need one adult and 1 player each shift. With the small amount of numbers we have we will have to double up on shifts. This is a good opportunity to raise a lot of money for our program. 

Olmsted County Fair Volunteer

Date 8am-12pm 12pm-4pm 4pm-7pm 7pm-10pm
7/23/19 Chapman Freeds Jason & Amy Koehler
7/24/19 Freeds Koehler Wheeler Fevold
7/25/19 Halle Squires/Julie Freeds Jason & Amy Hendrickson
7/26/19 Torgrimson Gary Hannah/ Ronda
7/27/19 Heimer Hilleshiem Josie Nichols Kang
7/28/19 Josie Nichols Hilleshiem CLOSED CLOSED

Senior Night -

Senior Night Coordinator

The banquet is tentatively scheduled for 2/19. The location is likely the JM Cafeteria. We will likely purchase a main course to be catered, perhaps have families being desserts, etc.  The cost is included with blueline club funds for the players, managers, and coaches.  Parents and additional family members we will set a cost once we determine menu/prices. Last year I believe it was $6 or $7 per person for Canadian Honker pasta.

End Of Season Banquet - Tuesday JM Cafeteria

End of Seasons Banquet Food
End of Season Banquet Decorations

Shannon O'Hare Merchandise Tables During Youth Tournament (following practice to 9pm)

Volunteer 1 Volunteer 2 Volunteer 3 Volunteer 4 Volunteer 5

Concessions Volunteers

Time TBD Volunteers
Parent Volunteer 1
Parent Volunteer 2
Player Volunteer 1
Player Volunteer 2
Player Volunteer 3
Player Volunteer 4
Player Volunteer 5
Player Volunteer 6

Pasta Feed

Day Host (Pasta) Pasta Salad Drinks Breadsticks Fruit Dessert
11/15/19 Kang Wheeler Freed Gary Hendrickson Koehler
12/13/19 Gary Nichols
1/17/19 Gary

Food planning: enough for players and coaches

Chuck-a-Puck Volunteer slot

Date Opponent Volunteer time/Game time Volunteer

2019 Thursday's on 1st Volunteers

Date Arrival Adult Volunteer Player Volunteer Player Volunteer Player Volunteer Player Volunteer Player Volunteer Player Volunteer Player Volunteer
8/1/19 Koehler Greta Freed Alix Gary Ashley Koehler
8/15/19 Krista Freed Greta Freed Josie Nichols Hannah Letcher Ava Fevold
8/22/19 Greta Freed Josie Nichols Hannah Letcher Ava Fevold
8/29/19 Angie Wheeler Greta Freed Josie Nichols Hannah Letcher Ava Fevold Katherine Wheeler