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JM Rocket Season Scrapbooks

Download and view online or read how to print

Download the file you want and print on any printer. On the link, RIGHT CLICK and say "Save Link As..." and then save to your computer.

If you click to view, you may need to resize your screen and scroll to see an inline PDF set of images/documents.

For best results, save to a USB stick and take to your local copy center (e.g. Staples) and order with these parameters:

  1. Black & White (Color is quite expensive)
  2. 8 1/2 " x 11" premium paper (Note 11x17 is nice but more expensive and while bigger font not as easy to "page through")
  3. Double sided
  4. Shrink/Scale to fit paper size (Important as the images are bigger than 8.5x11)
  5. Binder (it's a stick binder that holds it all together like a book)

The overall cost of one printed depends on how many pages but most at Staples are less than $10 ($3 is binding).

As an alternative you can do this online at and it typically takes 48 hours.  Make sure you select all the right parameters though!