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Girls Track & Field

Regular Season 2018-19
2018-19 x Regular Season

Note from Coach Pam

I have been traveling down a very difficult road. The loss of my beloved Wade has been devastating-I will never get over it, but will get through it.

I have been deeply touched by the out-pouring of support that I have received from all my CC and track family members. I am so thankful to have you with me as I do pass through this difficult time.

Many of you traveled to Winona to be with us at the visitation and or funeral. You need to know how your presence touched my soul. I love all of you girls. You have welcomed me into your families and surrounded me with love. The relationships that we have established have been a blessing not only to me, but Wade as well.  Conversation over the dinner table often revolved around what fun things had happened at practice or meets-it was always positive. I could have had a difficult day at school, but the time spend with you girls at the end of the day was always was uplifting.

Thanks for allowing me to share a part of your life-my life has been blessed by all of you.

I am going to resign my coaching positions. This has been a very difficult decision - I am sitting here with tears, already missing the times we would have spent together. 

I am PROUD to be known as the JM TRACK and CC MOM.


2020 Track Captains

Brandy Sutter

Greta Freed

Olivia Moon

Abi Below

Kenna Ruschmeyer

Sad News

Coach Pam’s husband, Wade, passed away unexpectedly this week.  Our love and support goes out to our coach, mentor, friend and her family.  

Services are scheduled for next Friday, June 14.  

Summer Track and Field Volunteer Opportunity

RYTFA Youth Track and Field Camp - Summer Volunteer Opportunity

Sign up to help out at our RYTFA Youth track & field camp this summer at John Marshall.

Fundamentals of Running

Developing a Base for Track (Sprinters, Mid and Distance)

  1. Increase endurance – or a runner’s aerobic capacity
  2. Begin training the central nervous system (communication pathways between your brain and muscles are efficient)
  3. Improve muscular strength to prevent injuries and smooth the transition to challenging workouts

Modified from Strength Training for Runners

2019 JM Girls Track and Field Team Text Messages

Keep up to date on Track and Field Messages for Athletes and Parents.

Locker Room

Please bring a lock to secure your gear.