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Boys Golf

Regular Season 2018-19
2018-19 x Regular Season

PAC Meeting April 2

Meet in Auditorium at 6:30 with all spring sports teams.

Next, we move to room 3-118 for our individual team meeting.

I am hoping we are done by 7:30pm.


D. Miller

Updated on 3/20 at 2:56pm

Rule Changes for this year.

This is a link to a short video that describes the to changes the rules and terminology.


This is a link to the new rule book. Happy Studying!

Week of March 18th

Monday 18th: Practice at cafeteria 3:30 to 4:30. I have a mandatory staff meeting but should still be there by 3:30. We will need to set up the nets etc.
Tuesday: NO Practice due to the building being used for speech competition.
Wednesday: Practice in cafeteria 3:30 - 4:30
Thursday: Practice in the gym 3:15 to 4:15
Friday: No Practice as we head into spring break.

No Practice over Spring Break.

Check this Website for Sunday nights by 8pm for the latest practice updates.  Times and locations have not been determined.
Week of April 1st:
Monday: Practice
Tuesday: Practice in the gym 3:15 to 4:15. PAC Meeting Tonight.
Thursday: Practice in the gym 3:15 to 4:15
Friday: No Practice at this time.

Golf Shirt and Pullover.

Jon Brandt is the parent of captain Matthew Brandt. He has organized the shirt and pullover purchase program for this year through Somerby Golf Club.

All sizes are adult.
Pricing includes logo.
We will take some time at practice the first week to place orders and after the PAC meeting.
Delivery should be less than 2 weeks from time of order.

None of the clothing is mandatory. If you want to wear black golf shirt from a previous year or if you already have a black golf shirt, you are good. Let me know if you have questions or concerns.



  • You will not get the same pricing if you buy from the links below.
  • Players will actually be purchasing the clothing through Somerby. Mr. Brandt has made special arrangements with the pro shop.
  • Checks can be made out to Somerby. Cash will also be accepted.

As of 3/11/19

2019 Boys Golf Season Starts March 18th.

Welcome to JM Boys Golf!  I am excited for another great year.
A little about me: I graduated from JM and so did all my kids. JM is special to me. I have been coaching golf at JM since 2003. I love the game of golf. It teaches me things about myself every time I play. Golf is a wonderful life-time sport. I wish I could play more than I do. I am not a golf pro, I am a teacher at Kellogg Middle School. I can be reached daily using my school email:
I will give the boys my cell the first week of practice. 

Obviously we will not be playing golf outside anytime soon. But we do have some practices scheduled to hit foam balls, putt in the cafeteria or hit in the gym.
I will add classroom practice dates and times in the near future. There have been lots of rule changes this year. (SEE LINKS BELOW).
Players should be available for practice starting on the 18th of March from 3:15 to 5:30. Players should get their work schedule prepared.
Parents: Early in the year, golf can be a tough sport to make a solid practice schedule. As the weather changes and golf courses open or close I have to make quick moves to secure tee times and range times. There are a lot of teams wanting to do the same so things get crazy from time to time.
I will do my best to text the players, notify JM Office and update this website.
Check this website every SUNDAY night after 8PM for the weekly plan. Once all the courses open, practice and matches will fall into a routine.

March 18, 20, 21, April 1-5 --- Practice at 3:30 - 5:30pm in the cafeteria. Bring only your putter, wedge and a mid-iron. We rotate through stations hitting off of a pad into a net, chipping, putting, and the use of a swing trainer. The purpose of these practices is to go half speed and work on swing techniques and timing. Some of the guys video themselves to look at later. Do not bring all your clubs. The girls team will have the stations either before or after us. We split the time frame mentioned above. Each team spends about an hour doing the stations. We do have to set up and tear down after each session.

Spring Break: No formal practice.

When we do go into the gym we hit foam balls into the gym wall. Bring only a couple of irons. Again, we are working at half speed(shafts can get damaged hitting off hard floor, even though we have padded mats. ), wanting to get some swings in, working on timing and technique. Do not bring all of your clubs.

As of today, I don't see us outside for a some time. But things are warming up and hopefully we get outside at a range after spring break.

Our schedule is on I listed what I know as of today below.

Parent/Athlete/Coach meeting is April 2nd.They usually take 45 minutes All Spring sports gather then we split up for individual team meetings.
At this meeting I will discuss my team policies. Such as:
Practice routine, Attendance, being on time and staying the whole time.
Dress code for practice and matches.
Code of Conduct - no swearing, throwing clubs, be positive, respect opponents and the golf course, be coachable - listen to the coaches, try our suggestions, be positive.

PAC meeting night is the time to place your shirt and/or pullover order. The tabs and links below are to get a good look at the products. Do not order from the linked websites.
Make checks out to Somerby.
Fundraiser Buy Out-- Make checks out to JM Boys Golf $50.


Coach Miller

Updated: 3/16/2019


Some dates are tenative but this is what I have as of 3/10/2019. We might have to change dates and locations due to late course openings this year. Be ready for changes.

April 8th: At Austin, JV and Varsity.  2:30 start. Dismiss @ 12:30.

April 12: Host Lourdes, JV and Varsity. 2:30 start at Northern Hills.

April 15: Host Red Wing, JV and Varsity. 2:30 start at NH.

April 18th: Host Mayo, JV and Varsity. 2:30 start at NH

April 22nd: At Century, JV and Varsity. 2:30 start at Eastwood.

April 25th: at Somerby to play Triton and Lourdes, JV and Varsity 2:30 start.

April 29th: The first of two All Big 9 tournaments. 10am start.

May 2nd: at Northfield Invite. Varsity Only, 2pm start.

May 6th: at Winona, JV and Varsity, 2:30 start.

May 8th: Mayo Invite, top 8 players. Noon start.

May 13th: All City at Northern Hills starting at noon. JV and Varsity.

May 17th: JV only Big 9 tournament. At Brooktree in Owatonna. 10am start.

May 20th: Jewell Invite, Varsity only, 2pm start,

May 21st: Big 9 Tournament number two. At Winona, Varsity only, 10am start.

I know we are going to play Stewartville this year, still working out the details. I am sure there will be changes, keep an eye on the this website.

2019 Concession Stand Helpers!


A link to the USGA for more detailed explanation of the rule changes.

New to the Team? Here is some Information.

I want the kids to enjoy their time on the golf team.

I want the kids to learn ways to improve their game.

The team is for students between grades 7-12.

Experience preferred but not mandatory. I will not cut.

We start on March 18th. Practice will start out in a classroom or in the cafeteria due to cold and snow.

No official practice over spring break.

Players must provide their own equipment.  Clubs--balls--clothing.

Players provide their own transportation to practice sites. Northern Hills or Hadley Creek Learning Center.
Some carpools do start up each year to help out the younger kids.

Players should dress for the cold and wind. It is a short season, we will play if the facility is open.

Players not traveling to matches will practice with our assistant coach, Mr. Glandon at either Northern Hills or Hadley Creek.

Practices are at either Northern Hills or Hadley Creek, Monday through Friday. Typically, from 3:30 to 5:30. Players must be at practice to play in matches.

Practices sessions are a time to sharpen skills with a variety drills. Some times we get to play a number of holes some practices we work only on chipping or putting.

Varsity players will be gone about 10 afternoons and 4 full days.

Players should talk to their teachers and make arrangements in advance for missing class.

Our schedule is on

I will use this website to update players and families every Sunday night of the season by 8pm. I will post practice and match details for the week along with who will go where on each day.

Uniforms: One of the captains will be organizing the purchase of a golf shirt with the team logo. We will try to keep the cost as low as we can but still maintain quality. We will use some of our team money to lower the price if possible.

Fundraiser: Every team does a fundraiser to gather funds for the items the school will not cover.
On the golf team, this can range from training aids to range balls to team events.
Over the years, I have heard form parents that by spring they want to be done with buying and trying to sell items.
Plus, most items from fundraisers, the team only gets 50% of the sales. Therefore, I am asking for a donation to the team of $50.00. I will go over all of this at the PAC meeting.


More soon,

Updated: 3/16/2019