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Girls Tennis

Regular Season 2019-20120
2019-20120 x Regular Season

Weeks of July 20th and 27th

Coach/Captain Practices for July 21/July 23

Time:  6:30 pm - 8:00 p.m

Place:  JM Courts 1-3

For:  All incoming 7th-12th graders who attend and/or live in JA/JM district and are interested in girls tennis

Doubles Camp: come to all 4 days or as many as you can make.  We will work on doubles skills and strategies and play doubles games.  We will have guest coaches who have played collegiate tennis to help with these FREE practices!

When:  July 27th-July 30th; Mon-Thurs 

Time:  6:00 pm -8:00 p.m.

Place:  JM Courts 1-3

Athletes/families:  please be weather aware.    We will make an announcement on the Group ME app 30 mins before  (6:00 p.m.) or sooner to let you know if practice is canceled. I will also post on this site.   Please be sure to bring a mask and keep it handy.  There will be NO SHARING of water bottles, mats, towels, etc.   You will also need to  bring a jug of water or a couple of water bottles, hand sanitizer or wipes and a mat or a large towel (beach towel length) for conditioning and strength.  We will follow physical distance guidelines and/or wear masks when that is not doable.  

SAQ (strength and conditioning) with Mr. Brad and registration for Fall sports has opened up.  Be sure to read over the main home page on the JM athletic website.  

See you on the courts! 




Hello to all JM Tennis fans, family members, and players! We are excited to welcome the 2020 tennis season!  The official season begins August 17th.  Please be checking the main athletic web page for dates on when/how to register.  

We will start our preseason with captains/coaches practices June 23, 2020 through August 6, 2020 on Tuesday/Thursday evening from 6:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m. on the JM courts.  

Be sure to bring a water bottle (or 2)  and a towel and/or mat for conditioning and stretching.  

These practices are dependent on the weather so please check this website and/or have your daughter sign up for and/or check the GroupMe app in which the girls and the coaches also communicate.  Decisions regarding cancelations of practice will be made 30 minutes before practice; if the weather looks like it may impede safe practice!

Also,   be sure to check on Skyward to see if you are in need of a physical.  You will not  be able to start the season without one.  If you go on the MAIN webpage of the JM Athletics, click on the HOME tab in the upper left corner, there will be a link for Fall 2020 registration and information on how to see if your child needs an updated physical.  It is titled "Fall Online registration". This also lets you know when you can register your child and the cost of the sport.  

Attached is the slideshow created by the captains and coaching staff regarding the upcoming season.  You will find the contact information of the captains, if you would like more information. Feel free to email me at for any questions you may have and/or if you'd like to set up a time to converse regarding the JM girls' tennis program.


See you on the courts!