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Rockets Volleyball

2020-2021 Regular Season
Regular Season x 2020-2021
Mike Archer

Mike Archer

Head Volleyball Coach

Phone: 507-259-2470

Jenn Drost-Embers

Jenn Drost-Embers

B-Squad/Assistant Varsity

Aubrey Strehlow

Aubrey Strehlow

JV/Assistant Varsity Coach

Andria King

Andria King

9A Volleyball Coach/Assistant Varsity

I am a Champion!!

John Marshall Rockets @ Mankato East Cougars


Captain Lilly Meister

Captain Amer Mabor

Captain Chayse Paulson

Captain Elise Rietveld

John Marshall Rockets Fall Volleyball Schedule

We are Back!! It's time for JM ROCKETS VOLLEYBALL!! Here is our practice schedule. Once we get our game schedule, we will post that as well along with our weekly practice schedule...

Date 10th-12th Grade 7th - 9th Grade
10/26 3:30-5:30 4:30-6:00
10/27 @ Mankato East @ Mankato East
10/28 3:30-5:30 4:30-6:00
10/29 vs. Red Wing vs. Red Wing
10/30 3:30-5:30 4:30-6:00



John Mrshall Rockets Volleyball Schedule 2020

Our Volleyball Schedule has been released. The last 3 matches are Non-Conference

Tuesday, October 27th - Away @ Mankato East 7:30pm

Thursday, October 29th - Home vs Red Wing 7:30pm

Monday, November 2nd - Away @ Owatonna 7:30pm

Thursday, November 5th - Away @ Century 7:30pm

Tuesday, November 10th - Away @ Austin 7:30pm

Thursday, November 12th - Home vs Northfield 7:30pm

Tuesday, November 17th - Home vs Owatonna - NC 7:30pm

Thursday, November 19th - Home vs Faribault -  7:30pm

Tuesday, November 24th - Away @ Northfield - NC 7:30pm

John Marshall Rockets Volleyball Conditioning Program

Each circuit should be done two times per week. Circuits do not need to be done on the same day. Do not stop to rest between exercises unless written.

Leg Circuit – 2x through

10 Jump Squats with a turn

Jump and turn 90 degrees to your right, landing in a low position. Then to the left.

20 Glute Bridges

Lay on back, knees bent, feet flexed. Raise your hips, lower slowly to the ground.

Try this with a volleyball squeezed between your knees for added difficulty.

20 Walking Lunges

Legs Alternating, Lower knee as far as possible each time

1 Minute Break

20 Bulgarian Split Squats

10 on each leg. Prop up your back foot, bend knee low to the ground.

10 Block Jumps

Arms swing from hips, extend fully overhead, pressing forward.

20 Pistol Squats

10 on each leg. Chair or box behind you, stand on one leg with the other in front of you. Lower yourself slowly to a sitting position, rise slowly to standing.

1 Minute Break

Jump Rope Circuit – 2x through

30 sec. Single hop Jump Rope at full speed

30 sec. Rest

30 sec. Single hop Jump Rope on right foot

30 sec. Rest

30 sec. Single hop Jump Rope on left foot

30 sec. Rest

30 sec. Single hop Jump Rope at relaxed speed

30 sec. Rest

Core Circuit – 2x through

1 Minute Plank

15 single leg pelvic bridges (15 right, 15 left)

30 Mountain Climbers

1 Minute Break

30 Bicycles, with arms overhead

30 Russian twists, with feet crossed and lifted

30 Dead bugs

1 Minute Break


JM Rockets Remind App

We want everyone to have all the information you need for the season. So here is our Remind app. Coach Archer will send this out to everyone as things are tweeted out during the season.

John Marshall Rockets Sideline Store

This is the JM Sideline Apparel Store. You can have JM Apparel all year round from this site. You can also customize your apparel according to sports and, It ships directly to your home... Just an extra way for you to have JM Apparel Alll Year Long. Remember. Once A Rocket, Always A Rocket!!

JM Rockets Volleyball Google Calendar

Here's the link to the JM Volleyball Google Calendar, where you will find the most up-to-date practice and game times during the season.  It also includes other important dates throughout the year - including Captains' Practices and Fundraising.

Rockets Volleyball Twitter

Be sure to follow us at JM Rockets VB ( @JMRocketsVB ) so you can receive important information and updates throughout the season!

JMRocketsVB JM Rockets VB JMRocketsVB

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