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Boys Golf

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No Fall Golf Practices

There are no fall golf practice in 2020 because the district approved us going back to a regular spring season next year. 

I am hearng a refund will come to those that paid for these practices. 

Play as much and as late as you can this year. 

Have a good fall and winter and see you in the spring of 2021. 

Hopefully, we will have vaccine for Covid. 

10/2 2020

Sign up For REMIND

Thank you to all for signing up for REMIND. I have this in the announcement only mode at this time. I will change if I hear that would be useful to parents and players.

I will leave this up for awhile just in case.

Please Send a Text to:



Text this message:


I will use this to communicate team announcements. This is for both players and parents.

I will also send a team email with weather delays or cancellations. There will also be some last minute changes to practice locations. 



Players need to know the basic rules of the game.

We will go over the rules at some of the practices but in the mean-time players should go to and search out rules.

Players can find video tutorials to make understanding the rules much easier.

There are also some rules apps available to quiz yourself or just to have for bus rides. Remember, phones are not allowed on the course during play.



This is the main website for the USGA. There are videos on the rules.