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Girls Track & Field

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Mike Sonnabend

Head Coach - Boys & Girls Track & Field

Nolan Fox

Assistant Coach - Sprints

Dakota Hiller

Assistant Coach - Distance

Mikaela Raddatz

Assistant Coach

Comng Soon

Assistant Coach - Throws

Kim Griffin

Athletic Office Manager

Phone: 507-328-5330

2021 Girls Track & Field Schedule

This is the official schedule from You may subscribe to this schedule and receive immediate updates and they occur.

Travel Release Form

If you plan to drive your daughter to or from a meet, you need to submit this form to the activities office at least 24-hours before departure.


We kicked-off our annual fundraiser on Friday. If you did not receive an order form, please see Coach Sonnabend. Once upon a time, the district provided all the funding needed for our track and field program including uniforms, sweats, equipment, fees, and anything else. Those days are long gone, so we need to raise money for the things we need. Past fundraising efforts have resulted in a all new hurdles for the 110 and 300, new starting blocks, shot puts, discs, batons, awards, and food for our year end banquet.

Looking forward, we are planning to put a record board for the boy's and girl's programs on the stadium, We also need to start thinking about replacing our high jump and pole vault pits. These are not cheap. 

Please make an effort to help our program move forward and present our fundraiser to as many people as possible. You may use your social media to spread the word. The fundraiser is due Monday, April 26, so be sure to get a good start. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Coach Sonnabend.


REMEMBER: The Girl's TF Spirit Wear Store is now open. See the active link below. Orders are due Thursday, April 22 at midnight.

WELCOME to the 2021 track and field season. This will be an interesting season, so be sure to check here often for the latest news and announcements.

►Where: Mankato East High School
►Time: 4:30 PM
►Release & Bus Departure Times: JA 1:15/1:30; JM 1:30/1:45
►Middle school students need to submit a note to their attendance office to be excused.
►The middle school bus will only pick-up students at JA.
►Busses will board and drop-off at the stadium. Locker rooms and lockers will be available.
►Bring your own lock to ensure your items stay safe.

►Wear your uniform to and from the meet. If uniforms are misplaced, it is usually because it does not make it to a bag after changing. So, keep your uniform on the entire meet.
►Wear something under your uniform such as compression shorts, leggings, and a short or long sleeve shirt. A short or long sleeve t-shirt also works. Try to wear black under your uniform if you possible.
►Wear and bring warm clothing. Track meets can be long and the temperature will drop throughout the meet. It is better to over dress than underdress. You may even want to bring a winter coat, hat, gloves, and blanket.
►It is better to over dress than under dress.

►Pack a large bag with everything you may need.
►Remember to bring your spikes.
►Bring extra clothing, a rain jacket, and umbrella in case of unexpected weather changes.
►Mankato is our longest bus ride, so be sure to stay hydrated. Drink water throughout the day and fill a water bottle before boarding the bus. A water station should be available at the meet, but this has not been confirmed.
►Food. We will not be able to eat on the bus, so be sure to eat lunch and have a snack before boarding the bus. Concessions will probably not be available at the meet, so pack a meal and eat before returning.

►Behavior exhibiting TASTE-CLASS-PRIDE are expected at all times. Do not do anything that reflects badly on yourself, team, or school.
►You need to stay in the team camp when not competing. Maintain event pods (Sprints, distance, throws) and do not mix groups.
►When the first call for our event is called, you may go to the infield of the track to begin warming up. When a third call (or final) is announced, report for lane assignments and instructions.
►After done competing, return the the team camp immediately.
►Be sure to pay attention to the order of events and be prepared. It is very important that you get a good warm-up in before reporting to your event.
►Ask questions. If you are unclear about anything taking place at the meet be sure to ask your teammates and coaches.

► Spectators may attend  track meets and sit in the stands. Be sure to social distance.
►Athletes will not be allowed in the stands.
►Specific meet information will be posted when it becomes available.
►If you plan to drive your daughter to or from the meet, be sure to submit a TRAVEL RELEASE FORM and submit to Kim Griffin (can be emailed).
►Remember, middle school students need a note to be excused from school.

► Click here for: ORDER OF EVENTS

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