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Practice Update - Friday March 31

There will be no practice today because of the severe weather!  Thanks!

Practice update - Wednesday March 29

Due to the cold temps (currently 19*) we won’t have practice today (Wednesday).  We will still have the pac meeting tonight at 545pm in the rocket center.  Thanks and see you all tonight!

****PAC Meeting Update****

The boys tennis PAC (parent/athlete/coach) Meeting will be on Wednesday  March 29 at 545pm in the JM Rocket Center.  The Rocket Center is located just inside the main doors to JM.  The team will go there immediately after practice and will meet their parent(s) there.  This meeting is mandatory for athletes and at least one parent/guardian.  We will cover team rules, schedules, and things to expect during the season.  These meetings usually last about 30 minutes.  Thanks!

Boys Tennis 2023

Hello all and welcome to the 2023 JM boys tennis season.  John and I are looking forward to beginning the season and starting practice on Monday March 27!  

Our school's PAC meeting (Parent/Athlete/Coach) for spring sports is yet to be scheduled but we are thinking sometime the first week of practice.  This will be in the evening and we will provide information, rules, and regulations for the upcoming season as well as discussing team rules, our tennis schedule, uniforms, etc.  Attendance is mandatory for the student athlete and at least 1 parent so please plan accordingly!  

Our season begins on the JM tennis courts on Monday March 27 and practices will typically run from 330pm-530pm.  You are making a commitment by being apart of our team so please be at practice every day!  Anything other than sickness/excused absences will not be tolerated.  In order to be the best team we can, we need everyone present at practices and matches!  

If practices or matches need to be changed or canceled because of the weather we will communicate through this webpage as well as the GroupMe group chat.  If you have questions please let us know.  We know that some people are out of town for some or all of spring break but if you are in town you are expected to be at practice!  If you are going to be out of town, please let us know in advance so we can make changes to our practice plans if necessary.  Come prepared with your racket, tennis-specific tennis shoes if you have them, water, hat/sunglasses, sunscreen, and warm clothes.  Please have your ride at the JM courts to pick you up as soon as practice ends as John and I have plans afterwards that we need to attend.

Our schedule of meets/matches/scrimmages posted on the website.  Search under the "activities schedules" for John Marshall and then "view schedules" for boys tennis.  Please take care of any conflicts (such as work) as early as possible.

Parents, thank you for allowing your sons to be a part of our team.  We hope you will find that within this team is an environment of sportsmanship, hard work, respect for each other, learning, and fun!

More info to come.

We look forward to seeing/meeting you.

Josh Heiden - email: or

John Scheuermann

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