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Boys Track & Field

Regular Season 2021



Mike Sonnabend

Head Coach - Sprints

Justin Rein

Assistant Coach - Jumps & Hurdles

Dan Feda

Assistant Coach - Distance

Sam Sonnabend

Assistant Coach - Throws

Wilmon Lundi

Vollunteer Assistant Coach- Jumps

Ashley Harding

Athletic Trainer

Phone: (507) 564-2981 - text




The end of season awards social is scheduled for Tuesday, May 31. This is a time to celebrate individual and team accomplishments. This years event will include the girls team and will be more social. Our plan is to hold the event in a city park, with the JM cafeteria reserved as a back-up.

When: Tuesday, May 21
Time: 6:00 PM
Where: Park or JM Cafeteria

More information will be coming soon, but be sure to reserve the evening for everything Rocket Track and Field!


Faribault’s Ted Nelson Track

Monday, May 23, 2022

BUS TIMES: JA 1:30, JM 2:00

4:00 Field Events (3 attempts in throws & horizontal jumps)

BOYS Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put; Pole Vault, and, High Jump
GIRLS Triple Jump, Long Jump, High Jump; Pole Vault; and, Discus

Horizontal jumps will be cafeteria style. One runway will be for Long Jump and one will be for Triple Jump.

All Horizontal Jumps must be completed by the end of the 3200m run.

Pole vault will be run simultaneously on one pit. Athletes will come in as the height reaches their individual starting heights.

Running Events Schedule
4:00   Girls and Boys 4 x 800 M Relay (run in same section)
4:15   Girls 100 M Hurdles
4:25   Boys 110 M High Hurdles

4:35   Girls 100 M Dash
4:55   Boys 100 M Dash
5:15   Girls 4 x 200 M Relay
5:20   Boys 4 x 200 M Relay
5:30   Girls 1600 M Run
5:40   Boys 1600 M Run
5:50   Girls 4 x100 M Relay
6:00   Boys 4 x100 M Relay

5:45   Field Events (3 attempts in throws & horizontal jumps) BOYS Discus
GIRLS Shot Put

6:10   Girls 400 M Dash
6:20   Boys 400 M Dash
6:30   Girls 300 Hurdles
6:40   Boys 300 Int. Hurdles
6:50   Girls 800 M Run
7:00   Boys 800 M Run
7:05   Girls 200 M Dash
7:20   Boys 200 M Dash
7:35   Girls and Boys 3200 M Run (in same section)
7:50   Girls 4 x 400 M Relay
8:00   Boys 4 x 400 M Relay

Meet Information
Entry Fee: $100.00 per school.
Mail check to Faribault H. S. Athletic Director Kevin Kleiner, or bring to the meet.

Meet Guidelines:
1. This is not a Middle School meet. Please do not bring 7th or 8th grade entries, unless they have been on your JV roster for the entire season.

2. The intent of this meet is to provide an opportunity for the JV athletes who will not be participating in the Varsity Conference meet to have a culminating meet where they are the featured athletes. Athletes participating in the Varsity Conference Meet are not eligible to be participants in the JV meet.

3. Please use discretion regarding the number of entries per event, we would like to keep the number of heats of the 100 and 200 dashes to a manageable level.

Meet Scoring:
Wayzata Results will be timing the meet and will send you an invite to register your athletes for the meet. We do not keep track of team score for this meet. There will be ribbons for the top 6 finishers in each event.

There are bathrooms and porta-potties available for athlete use. Please tell your athletes not to enter the lockerooms, these are for Faribault athlete’s only.

Buses may unload by the main entrance or by the throws area. Buses should park in the midway area of the fairgrounds, please tell bus drivers not to park in the parking lots.

Admission Fees:
All Faribault athletic activities charge for admission. Please inform your parents of this so that there are no misunderstandings when they arrive at the meet. All ticket sales will be electronic, there will be no cash sales for admission. Spectators can purchase tickets through the link below:

Faribault Activities Ticket Box Office

Current prices are:
Adults - $7.00 Students - $4.00 Seniors - $4.00 Concessions

The concessions stand will be open with Godfather’s Pizza, hot dogs, water, pop, candy, chips and other goodies. We encourage you to enjoy the great food and drinks!


2022 Big 9 Track and Field Meet Information

BUS TIME: JM 8:002

Below is meet information for the 2022 Big 9 Track and Field Meet, hosted by Red Wing High School.

The meet will be conducted on Thursday, May 26, 2022 beginning at 10:30 am.

The meet will be run under the guidelines of the Big 9 Conference and the MSHSL.

Buses will drop off students and park in the Prairie Island Arena parking lot (370 Guernsey Lane), adjacent to Red Wing High School. Because of limited parking during the student day, buses will be moved to the soccer field parking lot. (Pictures will be included in this packet of information) *

Questions or concerns should be directed to: Mark Krug (Meet Manager), Paul Hartmann (Red Wing Activities Director), OR Tony Casci (RWHS Head Boys Track Coach). Meet Manager - Mark Krug (Cell - 612.209.7772) Activities Director - Paul Hartmann (Cell - 651.301.1936) RWHS Head Boys Track Coach - Tony Casci (Cell 6511.245.1284)

Participating teams: Albert Lea, Austin, Faribault, Mankato East, Mankato West, Northfield, Owatonna, Red Wing, Rochester Century, Rochester John Marshall, Rochester Mayo, Winona

Location: - Russ Marshall Field Red Wing High School 2451 Eagle Ridge Dr. Red Wing, MN 55066

Facility Opens: 9:00 am on Thursday, May 26

Spectator Parking: Spectators can park in the high school and Prairie Island Ice Arena parking lots.

Admission: All tickets must be purchased through the Hometown Ticketing App. The link will be provided to member schools prior to the event.

Prices:  $8 - Adults, $6

Coach/Worker Meals:
Brunch: Hanisch Bakery donuts, coffee Snack: Granola Bars and Fruit
Lunch/Dinner: Liberty’s Pizza ● There will also be food trucks on site

Coaches Meeting: 10:00 AM Coaches Hospitality Tent by concessions

Field Events: Flighted field events will begin at 10:30 AM (see schedule)

Running Events: Prelims begin at 11:30 AM

Trainer: Personnel will be located in the tan Football shed, (closest building to finish line) in the Southwest corner of the facility.

Team Camps: Team camps will be located in softball field outfields north of the facility (see maps)

Concessions: Concessions will be open throughout the meet along with some food trucks during peak hours of the meet.

Big 9 T-Shirts: All pre-ordered shirts should have been ordered and delivered to the individual.

Warm-up: All warm ups will be conducted in the area designated on the infield of the track (see map).

Starting Blocks: First Place Premier starting blocks will be available to use for all 9 lanes.

Implements: Implement weigh-in will take place near the ticket booth on the north end of the facility, around the corner from concessions. Implement weigh in will happen from 9:00 AM to 9:50 AM. (see maps) Illegal equipment will be impounded and returned at the end of the meet.

Batons: Please provide your own batons for relay events.

Meet Attire: All MSHSL uniform rules will be enforced. It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure their athletes compete in legal uniforms.

Entries: Each school may enter 1 relay and up to 3 individuals per event. All entries will be due to by 9:00 PM on Tuesday, May 24th.

Coaches on Games Committee: As described on the Big 9 Coach’s Manual Rotation of Assignments: Notrhfield Boys, Faribault Boys, Rochester Century Girls, Mankato East Girls

Exchange Zone Judges: All exchange zones for 4x200m and 4x100m are measured from the small triangle to the second large triangle in the lane. 4x200m Exchange 1(red to red) & 3 (yellow to yellow): Front Albert Lea; back Mankato West Exchange 2(red to red): Starters 4x100m Exchange 1(yellow to yellow): front Mankato East; back Rochester Mayo Exchange 2(yellow to yellow): front Rochester JM; back Owatonna Exchange 3(yellow to yellow): front Austin; back Winona Starting Heights:

The proposed starting heights: 2022 Starting Heights will be finalized in the Coach's Meeting on Sunday, May 22nd. Starting Heights to reach all conference standard

Girls Pole Vault = starting height = 7’0”, 8’0”, 8’6”, up by 6” increments

Boys Pole Vault = starting height = 9’4”, 10’4”, 10’10”, up by 6” increments

Girls High Jump = starting height = 4’2”, 4’4”, up by 2” increments

Boys High Jump = starting height = 5’2”, 5’4”, up by 2” increments

Scoring, Awards:

Individual events: 1st = 18, 2nd =15, 3rd =12, 4th =9, 5th =6, 6th =3, 7th =2, 8th =1

Relay events: 1st =22, 2nd =20, 3rd =18, 4th =16, 5th =14, 6th =12, 7th =10, 8th =8, 9th =6, 10th =4,11th =2, 12th =1

Awards as per Big 9 guidelines: Team trophy for the first place teams. Medals for first 3 places in individuals and relays. Ribbons for 4th through 6th place in individuals and relays.

All Big-9 Track: Any 1st or 2nd place individual All members of 1st place relay teams. Individuals and Relays who meet All-Big-9 qualifying standards. (Attached)

Honorable Mention: Any 3rd or 4th place individuals All members of runner-up relay teams

►Scratches must be turned in on the forms available by 10:00 A.M. Individual event substitutions are allowed. No additions are allowed if there was no original entry.

►Have completed Pole Vault Verification Form and turn into Pole Vault Official.

►Starting heights will be determined using the same heights that were used in 2021 as a starting point, adjusting to include the all conference standards.

►Coaches, please bring all concerns/questions that come up during the meet to a meet official or the meet manager (Mark Krug).

Results: Posted on and will be live on Wayzata Results.

►All non-competing athletes are asked to stay off of the infield area. Coaches may be on the infield as they are coaching, but may NOT set up chairs, blankets, camps on infield - NO EXCEPTIONS.

►Games committee will serve as the jury of appeals and will consist of the meet manager, field referee, running referee, and Notrhfield Boys, Faribault Boys, Rochester Century Girls, Mankato East Girls coaches.

►An appeals form will be provided. Forms must be fully completed and submitted to either the appropriate referee or the meet director.

►The order of events and the tentative time schedule is enclosed. The meet may progress ahead or behind schedule depending on inclement weather. Therefore, plan accordingly, be aware of the progress of the meet and listen to the announcements.

►Spikes: 1/4” exposed or less are allowed. No Needles.

►Races with prelims, the first place finisher in each heat (4 total), plus the next 5 fastest FAT times will advance to the finals.

►All runners must report to the Clerk of Course at the the clerking tent on the infield to receive hip numbers and instructions; no later than second call.

►Once the running events begin, all warm-ups must be conducted on the back straightaway of the track or designated warm-up area on the infield. Athletes are expected to exit the track area after being dismissed by the head finish judge.

►Half tennis balls will be supplied to be used for relay marks.

►For the high hurdles and the 100, 200 meter dashes the following lanes will be seeded (equal heats): 5, 6, 4, 7, 3, 8, 2, 9, 1 7. For the 400, 300 hurdles, 4 X 100, 4 X 200, 4 X 400, lanes will be seeded (slow to fast )

►The 800 will be double waterfall (slow to fast): Inside: 11-10-7-6-3-2 Outside: 1-4-5-8-9-12 9. The 1600 and 3200 will be seeded in a double waterfall start. Inside: 18-15-14-11-10-7-6-3-2 Outside: 1-4-5-8-9-12-13-16-17 Staggers: 4 X 100m relay - 2 turn stagger 4 X 200m relay - 4 turn stagger 4 X 400m relay - 3 turn stagger 400m Dash - 2 turn stagger 800m run - Double Waterfall Start 1600m run - Double Waterfall Start 3200m run - Double Waterfall Start

►Spikes 1⁄4” exposed or less in long jump, triple jump, pole vault and high jump.

►Tape marks are NOT allowed on the long jump, triple jump, high jump, and pole vault areas. Markers/chalk will be provided to each athlete competing.

►Only one mark may be placed on the high jump per athlete.

►Implements must be approved from 9:00 A.M. to 9:50 A.M (Boys and Girls)

►Schools must furnish their own legal implements.

►All field event competitors must report to the event judges on the first call.

►Running events take preference over field events for time. Athletes must check out with the event judge and back within ten minutes after their race ends.

►Long jump, triple jump, shot put, and discus throw will be conducted in flights. The best flight is last.

►Three preliminary trials will be followed by three additional trials in the finals. All preliminary marks carry over into the finals.

►The top nine individuals will advance to the finals in the field events. Finals will be conducted from the least to the best preliminary effort.

►A 10-minute warm-up period will be provided between flights 2022 Big Nine Track & Field Meet

10:30 Boys Shot Put
10:30 Boys Triple Jump
10:30 Boys High Jump

10:30 Boys Pole Vault
12:30 Boys Discus
12:30 Boys Long Jump

Boys 100 M Dash

12:30 Boys 110 M High Hurdles
11:10 Boys 200 M Dash

1:40 National Anthem
2:00 Boys 4 X 800 M Relay
2:25 Boys 110 M High Hurdles 
2:35 Boys 100 M Dash Finals

2:55 Boys 4 X 200 M Relay
3:25 Boys 1600 M Ru

3:55 Boys 4 X 100 M Relay
4:25 Boys 400 M Dash
5:05 Boys 300 M Intermediate Hurdles
5:40 Boys 800 M Run
6:00 Boys 200 M Dash
6:20 Boys 3200 M Run
6:50 Boys 4 X 400 M Relay
7:05 Team Presentations – Parade of Champions


JUNE 2 & 4

BUS TIME: COMING SOON (It will be early!)




DAY 1 Meet Schedule – Preliminaries and some finals:

08:00 Coaches’ Meeting

Field Events
09:00 Triple Jump, Pole Vault, Shot Put

Running Events
09:00 Girls 3200 m -- 1 section
09:18 Boys 3200 m -- 1 section
09:36 Girls 100m High Hurdles
09:50 Boys 110m High Hurdles
10:05 Girls 100m
10:15 Boys 100m
10:30 Girls 400m 10:45 Boys 400m
11:00 Girls 300m Low Hurdles
11:15 Boys 300m Intermediate Hurdles
11:30 Girls 800m 11:45 Boys 800m
12:00 Girls 200m 12:15 Boys 200m
12:25 Awards to today’s field event place winners

DAY 2 Meet Schedule – Finals
08:00 Coaches’ Meeting

Field Events
09:00 High Jump, Long Jump
10:15 Boys Discus Throw (general warmup begins at 9:30; flight 1 only at 09:55)

Running Events (all single section races unless noted below) 09:00 Girls 4 x 800m Relay
09:15 Boys 4 x 800m Relay
09:35 Girls 100m High Hurdles
09:45 Boys 110m High Hurdles
09:55 Girls 100m
10:03 Boys 100m
10:12 Girls 4 x 200m Relay
10:20 Boys 4 x 200m Relay
10:30 Girls 1600 m – two sections – top seed times in Section II
10:48 Boys 1600 m – two sections – top seed times in Section II
11:05 Girls 4 x 100m Relay
11:11 Boys 4 x 100m Relay
11:19 Girls 400m
11:29 Boys 400m
11:42 Girls 300m Low Hurdles 11:52 Boys 300m Intermediate Hurdles
12:00 Girls 800m
12:11 Boys 800m
12:22 Girls 200m
12:30 Boys 200m
12:35 Awards to field event place winners not awarded earlier 12:50 Girls 4 x 400m Relay
12:58 Boys 4 x 400m Relay


The MedCity Marathon has once again asked for ROCKETS to help lead the Kids Marathon taking place Sunday, May 28. Race time this year is at 5:30 pm. John Marshall distance runners have helped with this event for several years. More information will be provided as we get closer to the event, but be sure to mark your calendar and plan to help with this great event.

MedCity Kids Marathon
Sunday, May 28
5:30 pm


The JM Boys TF & CC teams are now on Facebook. Join us in another way to keep up to date, share photos, and get pictures of your favorite Rocket. Simply search for JM ROCKETS TF & CC. You may also use the QR Code.



We are happy to announce that the Minnesota State Mankato men’s and women’s track and field program will be conducting our third annual track and field camps this summer.  Available to your student athletes here on our beautiful campus in southern Minnesota!

Minnesota State will be hosting a track and field camp in the summer 2022.

WHEN: Tuesday July 26th and Wednesday July 27th

WHERE: ON OUR CAMPUS (Outdoor Facility)

WHO: 7TH to 12TH Graders are invited


DISTANCE RUNNERS: Coming soon, we will be hosting an overnight Distance camp.  Please stay tuned!  If you have any questions about this please reach out to me.

The attached document provides more information regarding our the track and field camp!

Brian Johanson Sebera, Ed.D. 
Assistant Track and Field Coach 
Horizontal, Vertical Jumps & Multi-Events
Recruiting Coordinator, Jumps & Throws
C: 252.412.4523
Recruiting Questionnaire –



We are excited to host the Luther College Distance Running Camp this summer! The 
three-day camp will be packed with running specific presentations to increase your knowledge of the sport and build your motivation. The camp is designed for boys and girls, grades 7-12 who are excited to become better runners and enhance their knowledge of the sport.

Topics may include training principles, nutrition, goal setting, motivation, strength training, visualization, and relaxation. We will do a master workout each day focused on hill-training, threshold and interval training and a long run, as well as opportunities for getting on the beautiful trails close to campus. We might even sneak in a water workout too!

Throughout the camp we will focus on how each of us can become better distance runners and do so in a way that celebrates our talents and supports our camp teammates. The camp will strive to provide opportunities to enhance your knowledge of running and inspire a summer of outstanding preparation for the upcoming season!

June 24 -26, 2022

For students entering grades 7-12

Camp Directors: Head Cross Country and Track and Field Coaches Steve and Yarrow Pasche

Our coaches have a wealth of experience coaching both collegiate and high school cross country and track and field; and our counselors are Luther College team members who are invested in sharing their experience and supporting each camper’s excitement for running!

Full Resident (housing, meals and materials): $250
Commuter (noon and dinner meals only): $200



We are happy to announce our Captains for the 2022 track and field season. The following individuals were chosen by the 2021 Captains for their commitment and leadership abilities:

  • Danny Ta (Sr.)
  • Garrett Eick (Sr.)
  • Keondre Bryant (Jr.)
  • Michael Nicometo (Jr.)
  • Ben Laack (Sr.)



The calendar above contains all team events and meets. Some meets appear on this calendar that we plan to attend, but have not been confirmed by the activities office. Updates will be added as they occur to keep the calendar accurate.

Official 2022 Schedule:

This is the official schedule from and includes meets accepted by the activities office. You may subscribe to this schedule and receive immediate updates as they occur.

Travel Release Form

If you will not be riding the team bus TO and/or FROM a meet, please complete this form and submit it to the activities office or Coach Sonnabend at least 24-hours before the bus leaves.

► Click here for: ORDER OF EVENTS

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Team Text Messages

Stay up to date on team news by subscribing to our text message service provided by Remind. Get instant messages concerning upcoming meets, bus times, return times, practice information, schedule changes, and more.  


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