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JV Fastpitch

Regular Season 2022
Don Jochum

Don Jochum

JV-Squad Head Coach

Phone: 507-951-1631 (cell)

JV-Squad News

In 2022 -- we do not have enough players for three squads.  Thus we will have a Varsity squad and a C-Squad team.  However, we will attempt to play a JV schedule using Varsity team members who are not starters and some C-Squad team members.  These games would be played as 5 inning double headers, back to back with the C-Squad game.  So stay tuned for details as we go thru season.  Practices will still be Varsity/JV together after school at JM Varsity Field, generally 3:45pm - 5:45pm.  Go Rockets!

Breaking News / Updates

Varsity/JV - End of Season

Thank you to Coach Adams for hosting our end of the season celebration. We passed out athletic letters, watched a season slideshow / video, enjoyed great food, and announced our team season award winners.

Team Award Winners:
Miss JM Softball MVP - Jenna Boisen (sr)
Miss JM Rookie of the Year - Alexa Johnson (jr)
Miss Will to Win Athlete - Claire Evans (sr)
Miss Hustle Athlete - Sami Salsman (jr)
Miss Team Player - Claire Evans (sr) & Elli Biermeier (sr)
Miss Winning Attitude - Claire Evans (sr) & Elli Biermeier (sr)
Miss Golden Glove - Taylor Adams (jr)
Miss Golden Arm - Kate Novak (so)
Miss Speedy Gonzalez - Dez Dotterwick (jr)
Miss Sunshine - Jadyn Currie (sr), Claire (sr), Elli (sr)
Miss Most Improved - Jordan Marlow (so)

Finally, we announced two Captains for the 2023 season (with potential for more in the future):
- Taylor Adams, senior
- Kate Novak, junior

End of Season - C-Squad

The C-Squad season has come to an end, and we will have a final team gathering / turn in uniforms & equipment / and pizza party on Monday May 23rd. Meet at 3:45pm and plan to be done by 5pm.

JV Roster

# Name Grade Position(s)
2 Jasmine Carlin 11th OF
2 Navaeh Young 7th Ca, IF
3 Jordan Marlow 11th IF
4 Abby Armstrong 8th IF
5 Halle Squires 11th IF
6 Makenna Red Hill 8th P, IF
7 Allison Rownd 8th IF, OF
8 Ella Simmons 9th OF, IF
9 Maya Mack 9th P, OF
10 Lexi Halleck 8th OF, Ca
13 Keyanna Lofton 11th OF, IF
15 Alexa Johnson 11th OF
17 Ellen Bergerson 11th OF
18 Hannah Letcher 11th OF

Recent JV Fastpitch News

JM Softball Fundraising

Consider supporting our program thru a tax deductible donation and thru socializing our JM Softball program on social media. We appreciate your support and thank you in advance. Our 2022 Fundraiser thru GiveButter is live and will be available thru out the season. Those wishing to support our program directly can make checks payable to JM Softball and give to any player or coach.

JM Softball 2022 Fundraising Campaign link.

We also have Kwik Trip gift cards, great for purchasing gas, that support our program. Kwik Trip cards are available in $25, $50, $100 increments. You buy a $100 card, you get $100 in gas or food from Kwik Trip -- and we get 5% - 15% for our program.

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Motivate Yourself To Be Your Best

What are you going to do with your chance:

One day you won't ... so give it all today:

Believe in yourself.  Focus on yourself.  Motivate yourself.

Anatomy Of A Teammate

What kind of teammate are you...

"I'm looking for players who make their teammates better. You do that with enthusiasm and passion ..."  Mike Kryzewski

Anatomy Of Romero's Swing

Take a look at this great breakdown of one of the best hitters in softball - Sierra Romero from the University of Michigan.  A nice image of what she focuses on and feels on each swing, a video showing those points in motion.  She also discusses her mentality to her at bats.

Defying Doubt

Determination, hard work, belief in yourself can overcome doubts that others may see in you...

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