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Boys Swimming & Diving

Regular Season 2019-2020
2019-2020 x Regular Season

Basic Meet Information

Order of Events 


200 Medley Relay   (4 swimmers each swim 2 lengths of a stroke in the order: Back, Breast, Fly, Free)

200 Freestyle  (8 lengths Freestyle)

200 Individual Medley  (8 lengths, 2 each stroke in the order Fly, Back, Breast, Free)

50 Freestyle   (2 lengths Freestyle)

1 meter Diving

Post Diving warm-up

100 Butterfly   (4 lengths Butterfly)

100 Freestyle   (4 lengths Freestyle)

500 Freestyle   (20 lengths Freestyle)

200 Freestyle Relay  (4 swimmers, 2 lengths freestyle each)

100 Backstroke   (4 lengths Backstroke)

100 Breaststroke   (4 lengths Breastroke)

400 Freestyle Relay   (4 swimmers, each swims 4 lengths Freestyle)



Each event has one (or more) heat(s) of JV followed by one heat of Varsity. Depending on the teams participating in the meet certain events may not have JV heats. The 50 and 100 Freestyle typically have more than one JV heat.


A swimmer/diver may compete in up to 4 events total per meet. No more than 2 events can be individual.  (eg. 2 individual events and 2 relays or 1 individual event and 3 relays)


Relays first 3 finishing relays score: 1st – 8 points; 2nd – 4 points; 3rd – 2 points.

Individual Events first 5 finishers score points: 1st – 6 points; 2nd – 4 points; 3rd – 3 points; 4th – 2 points; 5th – 1 point.

Diving – total scores are multiplied by the degree of difficulty (DD) assigned to each dive.

Disqualification (DQ) a swimmer may be disqualified for a false start, illegal touch, illegal stroke, or not touching the wall on a turn.

Total points for a meet is 186 (94 pts for a win) with JV and Varsity scored separately. The Big 9 conference has a mercy rule of sorts. Once a team reaches 94 points, Points are only "scored" for the other team.