Email or text Coach Abdul at 507-271-1580.

Get Ready

Meet and train with current/past players over the Summer.  Practices are voluntary and led by team captains.  See the "Captains" tab, above, for more information.

Come Prepared

Bring these items to tryouts and Captains' Practices:

White t-shirt
Black t-shirt
Soccer cleats
Athletic shoes
Shin guards
Soccer ball
Water bottle

2023 Tryout Schedule

All 7-12 grade boys in the John Marshall High School district are invited to attend the 2023 JM boys soccer team tryouts at Lincolnshire Park.

Each player is evaluated by 4 coaches for speed, conditioning, first touch, quickness of play, vision with/without the ball and overall possession skills.  Coaches assign players to squads based on their current performance and participation in all parts of the tryout process, not grade level or past assignments.  This means Varsity spots are not guaranteed to last year's Varsity players and, if a player misses any part of the tryouts, his placement could be affected.

B & C Squads

Tryouts are 1x per day:

Monday, 8/14: Tryouts 4-7 pm
Tuesday, 8/15: Tryouts 4-7 pm
Wednesday, 8/16: Tryouts 4-7 pm
Thursday, 8/17*: Tryouts 4-7 pm
Friday, 8/18: Practice & Parent Meeting 5-7:30 PM

*Squad assignments announced on 8/17.

JV & Varsity Squads

In addition to the evaluation criteria listed above, JV and Varsity players must also successfully complete a Yo-Yo test and 4-mile run.  Tryouts are 2x per day:

Monday, 8/14: Tryouts 9-11 am & 4-7 pm
Tuesday, 8/15: Tryouts 9-11 am & 4-7 pm
Wednesday, 8/16: Tryouts 9-11 am & 4-7 pm
Thursday, 8/17*: Tryouts 9-11 am & 4-7 pm
Friday, 8/18: Practice & Parent Meeting 9-11 am 
Saturday, 8/19: Rochester High School "Jamboree" @ Fuad Monsour (Varsity)

*Squad assignments announced on 8/17.