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Team Posters

How to order a poster

Make your selection

  1. Pick the photo you want  (e.g. multiple sizes provided). You can click on each to get a bigger and zoomable views
  2. Understand the ratio that the photo has (format size)
  3. Determine the amount you want to spend (for example, spend $1 for a 11x17 color paper copy at Staples, or $12 for a real developed 12x36 photo online but perhaps wait 2-3 weeks for a zazzle or shutterfly discount code). 

Instructions to download

  1. Left Click on the photo to be redirected to the site that hosts the original photo image. DO NOT Right Click "Save as" as these are small icon images not for developing.
  2. Click the DOWNLOAD arrow in lower right corner which will save to your computer

Pick a website or a store to develop (or just share)

  1. Upload to a photo developing site (e.g. zazzle, shutterfly, samsclub)
  2. Upload to a copy center site and purchase (e.g. staples, officemax)
  3. Put on a USB flash drive or DVD/CD and take to your local photo developing spot (e.g. walmart, target)
  4. Share with family & friends on facebook or twitter

Photo developing site options

  1. (most sizes  , 24x36 size) - register and likely receive coupons. Frequenty 20-40% off posters if you wait a month or so
  2. (poster pricing) (e.g. 16x20 is $6.96)
  3. (poster pricing)
  4. (site storefront, select color)
  5. (poster pricing) - register and likely receive coupons. Frequently 10-20% off anythjing if you wait a month or so

JM 2019-2020

2017-18 Team Poster

12x36" Image (or 6x18")

11"x17" Image

2016-17 Team Poster

11"x17" Image

12"x36" Image

2015-16 Team Poster

11"x17" Image

12"x36" Image

2007-2015 Team Posters

WARNING: These Posters do not have very high quality images. If you would like one please email the JML webmaster for input on development.  Download and share just isn't great jpg images to begin with. If you have great JPG images from these years please share too!