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Boys Golf

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2021 Boys Golf

Hello All,

Sign ups are March 1st through March 17th all on line.

According to the MN high school league the spring season can start on March 29th. However, this is also the first day of spring break for RPS. Therefore, there will be no formal practice. Players can practice/play on their own if courses are open. 

Formal practice will start on 4/5. Will we be able to go outside by April 5th? Will the courses be open?  As always, many questions. We are so connected to the weather. We will practice outside as soon as sites open and are available. The location of practice can change quickly as some courses open and some close.

Remember to sign up for REMIND, see below for details on sign up.


Coach Miller

Updated: 2/17/21



General Golf Team Information 2021

Once courses and driving ranges open we typically will have practice from 3:30 to 5 or 5:30pm. Monday through Friday. Players need to clear their schedule for practice and events. 

Practices will be held at either Northern Hills or Hadley Creek Learning Center. End times vary if we are playing 9 holes. I am hoping to do this a lot this year. However, we share the course with Century and JM girls golf and they want the after school tee times as well. If a player has last hour off, I can make arrangements for those players to start earlier. 

Players need to provide their own transportation to practice. 
Players provide their own equipment, clubs, balls, etc.

Uniforms: I will make it as offordable as possible. More info. soon.

Varsity is the top 6 players on the team. 
JV is the next 6 players. Top 12 travel to Big 9 events. 
C/B squad make up the remainingmembers of the team.Typically, this is for our developing/younger players. 
A players team ranking does change throughtout the year as players post scores during matches and practices. 
There are JV and B/C squad matches throughout the year. 
Matches listed as INVITES are for Varsity only. 

Bus trips depart mostly from JM gym doors. Masks are a must on the bus.

Keep checking this site. I usually think of something to add in the middle of the night. My goal is to have as much information out there for parents and players.

I am sure there will be a PAC meeting. Guessing it will be virtual. I will also have a virtual Team Meeting. I will discuss team rules, uniforms, fundraising, and pictures. And of course, take questions. This is also a good time for younger player's parents to talk about carpooling. 

I am hearing masks can't come down on the bus to even eat. We will have to figure out something as this situation happens to us. 

Tournaments and Invites are still in question. We are waiting on new guidlines for from MNSHL. More soon.

My email is

Updated:  2/17/2021  1:25PM



Schedule So Far... Updates to Follow

4/12  at Northern Hills vs. Owt.      2:30 start      Varsity and JV

4/20 at Northern Hills vs mult. Teams  2:30 start     Varsity and JV

4/26 at Northfield vs. mult. teams   2:30 start     Varsity and JV

4/29 at Owat.  BIG 9 Tournament   10AM start     Varsity Only

5/3 at Mankato vs. mult. schools     2:30 start     Varsity and JV

5/6 at Northfield  INVITE  2PM start    Varsity only  

5/10 Quad  more info on this double booking soon.

5/17 at Jewel in Lake City at 2PM  Invite  Top 6 only

5/18 at Winona  2:30 start  Varsity and JV

5/25 at Northern Hills  BIG 9  10AM start    Varsity only

5/31 Sections at Jewel in Lake City




Sign up For REMIND

Thank you to all for signing up for REMIND. 

I will use this as one way to notify about changes in practice locations and times. Also, any team annoucement.

Please Send a Text to:



Text this message:



I will also send a team email with weather delays or cancellations. There will also be some last minute changes to practice locations. 


Major Rule Changes for Golf 2019

Look at these videos explining the major rule changes that happened a couple of years ago. Some of these need to watched a couple of times. Don't worry, we will discuss once we get started.


This is the main website for the USGA. Look Under the tab "Players" for rules information and but there is much more on this site.Check it out on a snowy cold day. All players need to know the basic rules of golf.

Quick Videos on Common Rules

These videos are a great way to review the basic rules of golf.

Rules Quiz

This will really test your knowledge. Start as a beginner. I know I didn't do so well my first time through. But it does help to you get exposure to the rules. Some are so complicated.