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Boys Golf

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I have booked the 19th hole at 6pm on June 1. I will hand out the letters to those that get one this year. All players and parents are welcome. The restaurant will be open for food if people want to stick around to eat and socialize. 
Pictures will be there as well. 

Letter Winners

Mason, Cody, Graham, Ole, Brock, Drew, and Peyton
Brock has been named to the All Conference 

Sections for varsity are the two days after Memorial Day. We will ride with all three schools and leave from the theater again. Day one will be early. 
Player should get a waiver just in case they can catch a ride with a parent so they don't have to wait for the bus. 

2023 Schedule


April 10th at M. West (MGCC) 2:30 start V/JV, -- defeated these guys 1-0

April 13th at Stew. Invite (Willow) 1pm start, varsity only Took 3rd out of 6 teams. Shot a 318. 4-3

April 17th at Byron Invite(Somerby) 11am start, varsity only-- canceled

April 18th host Owt.(NH) 2:30 start, V/JV--postponed will be played 5-3 within the Big9

April 21st at Lourdes (Soldiers Field) 3:30 start, V/JV -- canceled

April 24th at NF vs. RW, NF  2:30 start, V/JV Lost to NF Defeated RW (5-4)

April 27th Big 9 Day 1 at Faribault 9am. Varsity Only Shot 319, came in 5th

May 2nd at Fairbolt (FGCC) 1:30 start, V/JV defeated both Fair. and Austin

May 8th host ME and Cent.(NH) 2:30 start, V/JV Defeated both 7-4

May 9th host Stew. 2:30 start, top 8 players Lost 

May 11th at Owt. (OGCC) 1pm start, Varsity only Came in 7 out of 9  10-10

May 15th at LC (Jewel) 2pm start, Varsity only, came in 4th out of 12  17-13

May 16th at ALBT with Mayo and Win. (Wedgewood) 1:30 start V/JV, Lost to both Mayo and Albt, but defeated Win.

May 19th at NH for Rochester Invite 11am stat, Varsity only. lost to century and Mayo, defeated Lourdes

May 22nd at RW for Big 9 Day 2, 9am start. Varsity only.

May 26th vs. Century for the cup, at 3:45 (Soldiers) varsity only

May 30 Sections Day 1 Team shot 326, Brock and Cody move to day two.

May 31 Sections Day 2 Both boys did well but didn't advance to state. 

Note: The coaches are working on dates for some JV and B squad. y

This was posted on 4/5/23 at 11am.


2023 Bus Schedule

4/24--Dismiss at noon and depart at 12:15 from the JM gym doors. Guessing we will be back around 9 or 9:30.

4/27--ride with other schools to Big 9 in Faribault. depart Cin.Mag. load at 7:15, depart at 7:30.

5/2-- dismiss at         depart gym doors at        

5/11-- Owt Invite, load: 10:45 depart Cinamagic lot at 11.

5/15--Jewel Invite, ride with Mayo, depart Purlple Goat lot at

5/15--JV at Owt. riding with C/Mayo. depart from CinMag. load 7:30 depart 7:45.

5/16--ride with Mayo, dismiss           depart from           at       

5/22--ride with other schools (Big 9) dismiss(all day) depart CinMag. at 7am and depart at 7:15.

5/30--ride with other schools to Sections dismiss(all day) depart (P. Goat)

5/31--ride together from depart from P.Goat lot.


I will fill in the missing items soon. Udated on 4/5/2023 at 11AM    

The Team and Cuts

Hello Parents, 

I want to be unfront about some things with the golf team. 

Many people ask if everyone out for golf makes the team. 

Answer: No, we will have a try out and look at scores. Based on these scores I will cut the bottom players and refund their fee. 
We usually can get a 9 hole round in during the first couple weeks after spring break. Players will keep score using USGA rules. I will look at players swings and scores and make a cut. 
I do not like making cuts. 

More Info: This is a competive golf team not a place for a beginner. Students with little to no experience playing a full 9 holes from the Blue tees at Northern for example should talk to the athletic office about getting a refund. I would suggest using the refund to purchase lessons or a youth membership at the city courses. 

Here's the thing: I have one shared assisstant coach. He spends half of his time with the girls and half with me. Sometimes he is at Hadley while I am at NH. We will not be able to help beginners or get them on the course. Simply put, our coaching staff and facilities are stretched too thin.
Many days I can't get enough tee times or range space for my team because I share Northern Hills with two other teams and share Hadley with up to 10 teams. 

Let me know if you have questions, 

Dwight Miller
Coach  3/15/23

Sign up For REMIND

Thank you to all for signing up for REMIND. 

I will use this as one way to notify about changes in practice locations and times. Also, any team annoucement.

Please Send a Text to:



Text this message:




JM Boys Golf

Hello All, 

Here is some general information. Please email me with any questions. 

Practices are held at either Hadley Creek Learning Center or Northern Hills Golf Course. Players need to provide their own transportation to practice. We practice every day after school. Typically, 4pm to 5:30 if there is no match. 

Players must provide their own equipment and golf balls. The team will provide range balls during practice only if that is what we are working on. Some practices we will play holes while others we will do drills at the range. When we play holes, we will have tee times. Varsity and those with last hour off typically go first. JV kids go off later. Sometimes JV will play 5 or 6 holes and leave. It all depends on the situation. 

Jeans are fine for practice but not matches. There will be more information soon about uniforms and proper dress for matches. 

Most road trips leave from the JM gym doors. Conference matches I can bring Varsity (top 6) and JV the following 6. The remaining players will report to Coach Glanden at either NH or Hadley for practice. 

We will try to get out before matches start to establish our lineup. These qualifying rounds are typically 9 holes. Which could mean there will be times when players will not be done with practice right at 5:30. The snow or cold have prevented us from playing qualifying rounds in the past until after spring break. We will not practice over break. I will host a couple of meetings before spring break to talk about rules and team expectations. 

There is no formal practice during spring break. Courses in Rochester are usually not open. 

This website gets updated each Sunday night by 8pm. Players and parents can see the plan for the week. I will try my best to describe what practices will look like and who will be participating in any events. 

Some players will have a few matches at Hadley against the other Rochester teams. This is great for kids that can't break into the top 12 but made the team.  

Some matches are varstiy only. These invites are the top 6 only. The host charges us a fee to play in thier tournament. We will use our team money to pay for these tournaments. Funds come from our team fundraiser, more on that soon. 

I will be udating Remind soon and send out a team message. I turned off the reply option. I use this just for annoucements like rain outs or last minute practice cancelations etc. Please sign up. 

If in doubt about weather, check the website first. I will send out a Remind and email. All players will have me cell phone so they can text me as well. 

Team email is up and running. Let me know if you are not getting emails from me. 


Coach Miller

Updated: 11:56AM 3/20/2023



Collection for Manahan

I am collecting money to give to Mike Manahan, the pro at NH. He does so many things for our team behind the scenes. 

I am hoping for $5 a player. 

Please give me the money and I will either give him the cash with a card or a gift card to a restaurant. 



Below are Videos from USGA.

I listed some videos individually but all can be found at the USGA website. 
All players need to know the basic rules. 

Movable Obstructions and Loose Impediments-2023

Watch this video from the USGA

Nearest Point of Complete Relief

Watch the video from the USGA.

Abnormal Conditions

Watch this video from the USGA.

Penalty Areas

Watch the video from the USGA.

Rules on the Green

Watch this video from the USGA.

Unplayable Ball 2023 Rule Change

Watch this video from the USGA.

Flagstick 2023

Watch this video from the USGA.

Bunkers 2023

Watch this video from USGA.


This is the main website for the USGA. Look Under the tab "Players" for rules information and but there is much more on this site.Check it out on a snowy cold day. All players need to know the basic rules of golf.

Rules Quiz

This will really test your knowledge. Start as a beginner. I know I didn't do so well my first time through. But it does help to you get exposure to the rules. Some are so complicated.

Quick Videos on Common Rules

These videos are a great way to review the basic rules of golf.

Major Rule Changes for Golf 2019

Look at these videos explining the major rule changes that happened a couple of years ago. Some of these need to watched a couple of times. Don't worry, we will discuss once we get started.