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This situation sucks. There is nothing more that I want than to work with you each day on becoming a better person and better ball player. It is currently out of our hands and control and therefore we need to stop worrying about it and make the most of this opportunity. The best thing I can do in this time of isolation is provide you with as much content as I can. I have added an additional platform for communication/ learning in Google Classroom. Our classroom code is: gruvims

Check out the classroom, listen to podcasts, read the material, spread the word. 

You have every opportunity to get better during this time if you make the most of it. This is not an excuse to not continue to compete. Stay active and keep your mind sharp.

Practice Schedule - 3/16-3/20

Monday 3/16 - inside @ JM - No longer tryouts - do not feel pressured to send your son if you do not feel it is safe.
Varsity - 6:00 - RM 2-206
             6:30 - 8:00 
JV/9 - 8:00 - 9:30


Tuesday 3/17 -
Varsity @ RBC 330-430

Further dates and tryout information TBD. Stay Healthy and Positive!

Arm Care Conditioning Week

Arm Care Conditioning Week Schedule
Grades 11 /12 - 1st Session 
Grades 9/10 - 2nd Session 

Monday 3/9 - 1st session - 6:00 (Meet in RM 2-206) - 7:30
                     2nd session - 7:00 (Meet in RM 2-206) - 8:30
**Potential for this day to run a bit longer than originally scheduled due to explaining new items**

Tuesday 3/10 -  1st session - 6:00 (Meet in RM 2-206)- 7:30
              2nd session - 7:00 (Dynamic Warm up/ JBands )- 8:30

Wednesday 3/11 - 1st session - 7:00 (Meet in RM 2-206)- 8:30
                           2nd Session - 8:00 (Dynamic Warm up/ JBands )- 9:30

Thursday 3/12 - 1st session - 7:00 (Meet in RM 2-206)- 8:30
                           2nd Session - 8:00 (Dynamic Warm up/ JBands)- 9:30

Friday 3/13 - 1st session - 6:00 (Meet in RM 2-206)- 7:30
                     2nd session - 7:00 (Dynamic Warm up/ JBands ) - 8:30

-March 9 - March 13
-JM Gymnasium/ Rm 2-206
-First day - each group will meet in Rm 2-206 to watch the Catch/ Play Routine Presentation
-Each day will consist of building our daily routines
-Each session of players will be separated into 3 groups 
-Catch Play Routine - You will use this to throw every day
-Base Runner Progression - Will be used every day 
-Position Specific Drills - 
-There is NO HITTING at practice during Conditioning week

More specifics to come!!

Off Season Opportunities

Please contact Coach Boettcher if you are looking for off-season strength and conditioning opportunities. The off-season is when champions are formed and playing time is earned!

Concussion Testing - March 4th - 4PM - Athletic Trainers Office
Baseball pitchers and catchers (if they have had a concussion test for Hockey or Football they will not need another one)

Follow us on twitter: @JMHS_Baseball
*provides excellent baseball specific content to improve your game mentally and physically.

Saturday hitting at the Rochester Batting Cages
*This is free of charge for all JM Baseball players wanting to play in the Spring*

9th-10th graders - 9:00-10:00
11th-12th graders - 10:00-11:00

Saturday January 25th - 9:00-11
Saturday February 1st - 9:00-11
Saturday February 8th - 9:00-11
Saturday February 15th - 9:00-11
Saturday February 22nd - 9:00-11
Saturday February 29th - 9:00-11
Saturday March 7th - 9:00-11
Saturday March 14th - 9:00-11

**Catching Equipment Update: A new rule has been placed for the upcoming season that states all Catching chest protector's must be NOCSAE approved. It will have a stamp stating it is approved on the gear if it is legal.** 

Arm Care/ Conditioning Week
March 9 - 13

Spring Break - March 27 - April 5th (days off of school for students)

-All levels are currently scheduled for games on Thursday April 2nd (Century) and Saturday April 4th (Duluth East)

-Varsity attendance is mandatory for Spring Break

-Lower Levels attendance is not mandatory during Spring Break, however if you are not on vacation you are expected to attend if you want to play in the games. 

"Don't practice until you get it right, practice until you can't do it wrong"

Jade Boettcher

Jade Boettcher

Varsity Head Coach

Phone: 507-328-5330

Web Administrator

Issues on the site, report via email