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Girls Golf

Regular Season 2017-2018
2017-2018 x Regular Season




The website was updated at 8:30 PM on 8/8/23.

Fundraiser Link - If you would like to make a donation to help us with our green fees, range ball fees and replace golf bags, please click this link:   Thank you!


Northern Hills - Girls on the golf team can play Northern Hills for free during the high school season.  Unless friends & family have a membership to the Rochester Public Golf Courses, they will need to pay a green fee, if they play with you.  

Northern Hills is shared by the JM Girls, JM Boys and Century Girls.  Northern Hills sets aside 9 tee times for the 3 teams on days when there are no meets being held at Northern Hills.  The times are done on a rotating basis.  This means practice times may not always start at the same time every day.   


Links to the USGA and the Rules of Golf

USGA - the main website for the governing body of golf.

Rules Quiz - test yourself on the rules of golf.

2019 Rule Changes - The rules went through a major overhaul in 2019.  Here is the link to the major changes that were made. 

Movable Obstructions and Loose Impediments-2023

Watch this video from the USGA

2023 Lost Ball, Ball Out of Bounds, Provisional Ball

2023 Video

Nearest Point of Complete Relief

Watch the video from the USGA.

Abnormal Conditions

Watch this video from the USGA.

Penalty Areas

Watch the video from the USGA.

Rules on the Green

Watch this video from the USGA.

Unplayable Ball 2023 Rule Change

Watch this video from the USGA.

Flagstick 2023

Watch this video from the USGA.

Bunkers 2023

Watch this video from USGA.

Playing the Couse as you Find It. 2023

2023 rules

Andy Ollenburg

Andy Ollenburg

Head Girls Golf Coach

Phone: 507-328-5330

Scott Glandon

Assistant Coach

Practice Starts


Tentative Meet Schedule for 2024



Course Clean Up on 4/12/23

Community Service - Course Clean Up on 4/12

JM Girls Golf Team 2023

Section 1AAA - All-Academic Champions - 4th Place in the Big 9