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Boys Soccer


Abdul Noor

Varsity Head Coach

Phone: 507-271-1580

Issac Petersen

Volunteer Varsity/ JV Conditioning & Fitness Coach

Bassem Fadlia

JV Head Coach & Varsity assistant coach

Phone: 507-319-2814

Owar Obang Kevin

B-Squad Head Coach & Varsity assistant Coach

Phone: 507-271-8724

Raul Hernandez


Phone: 507-884-1055

Boys teams Practice Information

Varsity Team Practice Time:         

4:30 PM to 6:30 PM 

Junior Varsity team Practice Time:

4:15 PM to 5:45 PM

B-Squad & 9A (C-Squad Team)

Practice time: 5:30 PM to 7:15 PM 




2022 Games Schedule for All 4 teams

2022 JM Boys Tryout


2022 JM Boys Tryouts

All JM boys who are interested to participate in JM Soccer is invited to attend 5 days tryouts starting August Monday the 15th to August 19th at Lincolnshire Soccer Complex. Boys will be evaluated by all four coaches and will be place each player on the appropriate team.

Varsity team: 10-12 grader students’ athletes are encouraged & invited to our 2022 Tryout for the varsity team.

From 7th,8th and 9th graders should try out for the C-squad, B-squad and JV team & if a 9th grader believes and desire to compete then that player should contact via email to the varsity Head coach Abdul Noor before attending the varsity tryouts. 


Missing any part of the 5 days tryout may influence your team placement on Varsity team.


The previous season is not a factor. Being on varsity last year does not guarantee a varsity spot.

  • Specific skills include overall speed/conditioning, hard work, attitude, first touch, quickness of play, decision making, vision with and without the ball, and overall possession skills. 
  • Varsity players should also be able to run 4 miles in 30 minutes or less.
  • 24 potential varsity players plus 2 G-keepers’ candidates will be selected by August 17th and reduced to 20 field players including 2 G-keepers by August 19th.
  • Cuts may happen but (Max of 86 players will be kept if players accepted a role of one of the 4 teams have created.

Time & Date:

Monday, August 15th to Friday 19th
Only Varsity Morning tryouts 8:00-11:00 AM conditioning, fitness & speed test and other Specific skills such as passing/Receiving/ball control/ Defending/Attacking and overall Performance evaluation


All Squads tryouts

4:00 PM 7:00 PM conditioning, fitness & speed test plus ball Skills & Performance evaluation.


Thursday, August 19th 8:00 AM-11:00 AM Varsity final team selection announcement.

Friday August 19th All 4 teams Normal afternoon practice starts at 5:30 PM-7:30 PM. Varsity practice time might change.

 No practices will be held on Sundays.

All tryouts, practices, and games are mandatory. Players should plan accordingly and schedule study time, work, vacations, appointments, etc. to avoid conflicts with their soccer schedules.

  • Missing a practice or being 20 minutes late prior to a game will result in not being able to start the next game.
  • Missing a game will result in missing 1st half of the next game.
  •  Missing practice or games for work is an unexcused absence.




Player/Parents & Coaches Principles



 The purpose of our guiding principles is to outline the goals of the program, to answer some of the recurring questions, and team policies in several different areas.

We will communicate openly, honestly and in good faith.

We’ll be supportive of all our teammates, officials & coaches.  

We’ll listen and strive to understand those with whom we disagree.


Rosters serve as a baseline for how teams will train and practice together. Rosters will be formed after being evaluated by the coaching staff during the first week of tryouts. At the discretion of the coaching staff, some players may be asked to practice and/or play with a different team for specific games.

 C-Squad Head Coach: TBA soon 

 The goal of the team is to improve individual fundamental soccer skills and to learn more about the game. Playing time should be comparable for every player throughout the season.

B-Squad Head Coach: Bassem Fadlia

The goal of the team is to improve individual fundamental soccer skills and to learn more about the game. Playing time should be comparable for every player throughout the season.

 Junior Varsity Head Coach: John Makur 

 The goal of the team is to continue to improve their soccer skills while learning new tactical skills that are related to the varsity squad.

All players should see playing time in every game on JV games in order to improve & compete Varsity level. 

Varsity- Head Coach: Abdul Noor

The goal of this team is to showcase & be playing at a competitive level and trying to win games while improving.

Playing time is not equal at this level and not every player will see playing time.

If a support player gives 100% effort & improves a game time experience and steps up to the plate to better himself then he gains more playing time or even starting lineup spot.

(Health Competitions) in between Players as Starting line-up depends desire, hard work  and game to game performances.  

Team movement & developments:

 Players may move between teams during the season and will be encouraged to get more development propose.

Reasons for movement include: Low numbers due to injuries, developmental reasons for that individual player, or game experience and to improve confidence.

Player Expectations & Team principles



Players will:

 ● Attend all tryouts, practices, and games. Players should plan accordingly and schedule study time, work, vacations, appointments, etc. to avoid conflicts.  

Missing practice or games for work is an unexcused absence.

 ● Give 100% effort at all practices and games and make efforts to improve by training on their own outside of scheduled practices. Not giving your best effort may result in less playing time.

Character:  Accountability, Attitude, Trust, Effort, Decision making and Performs *

● Demonstrate fair play and good sportsmanship at every practice and game.

● Accept the decisions of the, coach and referee without gesture or argument.

 ● Report any injuries to the coach as soon as possible.

 ● Understand they represent their family, their team, and John Marshall.

● Understand that poor behavior during practices or games may result in lost playing time.

Parents will:

 ● Let the coaches do their job and not confuse the players by telling them what to do (do not coach from the sidelines of games or practices).

 ● Never engage in, or tolerate offensive, insulting, abusive language or behavior.

● Always respect the referees’ decisions.

● Applaud effort and good play as well as success.

● Encourage the players to respect the opposition and referees.

 ● Never criticize a player for making a mistake – mistakes are part of learning.

 ● Place the emotional and physical well-being of the players ahead of a personal desire to win.

● Understand that as a fan, they represent John Marshall and the community.

 ● Understand that poor behavior of your child during practices or games may result in being asked to leave the event.

Coaches will:

● Represent the Rockets in a professional manner on and off the field.

● Be respectful, efficient, effective, dependable a long with positive attitude on and off the soccer field.  

 ● Show genuine interest and concern for each player as an individual.

 ● Be fair and consistent when dealing with players and various situations that arise.

 ● Run an organized, fundamentally sound soccer team.

● Assist players in improving as individuals and assist the team to perform at its optimal level.

● We will value, welcome and promote diversity inclusion in all aspects of our work

 We will Work hard and always strive towards excellence.

JM Boys Soccer Attendance Rules

Team rules are simple: Be on time and have a positive attitude.

Team penalties:


  1. 3 unexcused absences from practices/games and you are no longer part of the JM Soccer teams at all levels.
  2. Missing practice and game for work are unexcused absent.
  3. Late to practice or team functions = Penalized for every 15 minutes late:
    • 0-14 minutes late = 2 laps.
    • 15 - 29 minutes late = 1-Mile run
    • 30+ minutes late = 2 Miles
    • No Call no Show Result = to miss 2 Games
  4. If you are suspended for any reasons during practice/games or in School (Fighting/alcohol/drugs/tobacco, unexcused absences from class.
  5.  conduct unbecoming an athlete, etc.):


  • Will be removed from the Soccer program.
  • No end of season awards that year.


F: Being tardy to class will also result less game time.

G: School policy: Unexcused absence from school/class results in missing 1 game.



Team Communication


 From time to time, problems or conflicts may arise during a season. The most important thing to remember in handling these problems or conflicts is proper communication. When a problem arises you first need to discuss the issue with your team head coach. If, after consulting with the coach, you still feel that additional attention to the problem is needed, then you should refer the matter to the varsity coach. If you still feel the issue has not been resolved, you communicate the problem with the athletic director. Players should try to communicate with their coach before having parents get involved.


1. Players should communicate with the coach.

2. After 24 hours rule Parent should email to request a meeting with the Varsity Coach.

 3.Varsity Coach sets meeting with the Athletic Director.


24-hour rule

Coaches will not negotiate or communicate playing time with the parents but instead will openly give Players performance  feedback and constructive suggestions will be offered.  

 Players/parents must wait 24 hours before discussing any aspect of the game (Playing time, style of play, questions of game management, etc.) with their coach.

 No parent shall approach a coach after any match to discuss these matters.

Ways of Communication

 The team will use numerous ways of communicating important news to players/parents.

 ● Team webpage: Will be the main place to find information about the club.


1: Go to the JM Athlete page that will be used to send out quick notes about practice changes, field changes, or pasta feeds.

2: Coaches contacts phone numbers and emails


4:  We’ll communicate openly, honestly and in good faith.

5: We’ll listen to and strive to understand those with whom we disagree.

6: We’ll promote a fair, effective and supportive safe environment and emotional support for all our students’ athletes.

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