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Boys Soccer



Abdul Noor

Varsity Head Coach

Phone: 507-271-1580

Kevin Obang

JV Head Coach

Phone: 507-271-8724

Raul Hernandez

B Squad Head Coach

Phone: 507-884-1055

Obang Okello

C Squad Head Coach

Phone: 507-513-0412

Mohamed Mohamed

Volunteer | Assistant Coach

Conner Algyer

Volunteer | Assistant Coach

Social Media

See the news and information we share with people outside our organization:

Official Communications

Coaches use the GroupMe app to communicate new or changing information. Last-minute updates include weather cancellations, practice/game locations and bus departure/arrival times. 

How to join:

1. Download the GroupMe app on your phone.

2. Open the app and create an account.

3. Click on the GroupMe link, above, to add yourself to our team.


These instructions connect you to a group set up for the whole team (200+ current and former players/parents). Messages for ALL players and JV/Varsity players are posted here.

You may be added to a smaller group for C/B players later. If this happens, be sure to watch BOTH groups for information throughout the season.

Please keep your posts positive and informational (no complaining). Concerns or frustrations should be texted to Coach Abdul privately. 

Important Dates


New Players: Contact Natalie Ramirez (Jonah's mom) at 507-993-2504 if you need help with a concussion test, sport physical and/or online registration. It's a confusing process.

7/30/24   Fall registration starts (see JM Rockets Home Page)
7/31/24   Online Spirit Store opens (see Spirit Store tab)

8/2/24     Concussion testing 8:30 am-12 noon (see JM Rockets Home Page)
8/5/24-8/9/24   Captains' practice every day (see Captains' Practices tab)
8/6/24     Fall registration ends (
see JM Rockets Home Page)
8/7/24     Senior banner photo shoot @ 1 pm (see Photos & Videos tab)
8/12/24-8/15/24   Tryouts (see Tryouts tab)
Team photo shoot 4:30-6:30 pm @ JM Stadium
                Parent & player meeting 7-8:30 pm @ JM Auditorium

8/17/24   Jamboree scrimmages @ Fuad (Varsity only)
8/20/24   Game vs. Pine Island @ JM Stadium (JV and Varsity only)
8/21/24   Online Spirit Store closes (see Spirit Store tab)
8/22/24   First game for all squads (see Schedules & Tickets tab)

9/6/24      Annual pasta feed (see Events & Concessions tab)
9/10/24    Family Night (see Events & Concessions tab)
9/20/24    Homecoming parade (see Events & Concessions tab)

10/3/24    Senior Night (see Events & Concessions tab)

TBD           Section games (Varsity only)
TBD           End-of-Season "Awards" Banquet (see Events & Concessions tab)

Weather-Related Cancellations

We play in all weather conditions during the season. If it's too hot, we take extra water breaks. If it's too cold, we wear extra layers. If it's too wet, we dry off later. Practices and games are only canceled for tornadoes, lightening and thunder. If/when this happens, coaches post the cancellation on GroupMe.