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Boys Soccer


Team Contact Information

     Abdul Noor Varsity Head Coach

          Phone: 507-271-1580                 Email

     Abubakar Mohamed  Varsity Team Captain   507-319-2841

     David Carter  Varsity Team Captain   507-601-7461

     Kevin Lowery, Jr.  Varsity Team Captain   507-251-8235

     Louis Schoeberl  Varsity Team Captain   507-513-5755

     Kevin Obang Coach

          Phone: 507-271-8724                 Email

     Raul Hernandez Coach

          Phone: 507-884-1055

     Isaac Peterson Volunteer Coach (Conditioning & Fitness)

     Bassem Fadlia Volunteer Coach

     Kelly Schoeberl JM Boys Soccer Booster President

          Phone: 507-990-2552                Email

     Kate Hanke Parent Volunteer (Organization & Communication)

          Phone: 507-226-1071                Email

Welcome to JM Boys Soccer!!

Below please find the goals of the program, answer frequently asked questions, and share team expectations.

We ask everyone (and we mean EVERYONE - coaches, players, parents, friends, families, and fans) to :

  • Communicate in a manner that is open, honest, respectful, and with good faith.
  • Be supportive of ALL players, officials (refs), and coaches.
  • Listen and strive to understand those we disagree with.

JM Boys Soccer Program

Attendance Expectations Excused & Unexcused Absences, Communication, and Consequences

JM Boys Soccer Program - 4 Teams (Varsity, JV, B Squad, & C Squad)

Team Communication Problem, Concern, Conflict - how to achieve a resolution

Looking for how coaches communicate with players and families?  This differs by team - look for team pages on the website for how your players' team will communicate with you.

Questions?  Contact Kate Hanke (Parent Volunteer for Organization & Communication) Cell: 507-226-1071 email:

Methods & Focus of Communication Coaches commitment to communication, player expectations for communication, how coaches will communicate with players and families, how to communicate with Coaches, and Communication Commitment for All

Expectations Player, Parents & Families, and Coaches