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2024 Golf Season Information

Varsity/JV/ C Tryouts and more information:

Those trying for top 12 V/JV

  • Top 6 players (based on qualifying rounds) will be varsity during those meets.
  • Next 6 scores will be placed on JV to compete.
  • If no qualifying matches can be held because of weather. Last seasons results will be used to help determine positioning.
  • Placement within teams is a moving piece and can change from week to week. My hope is to build a competitive team that challenges all individuals involved.

I am looking to build a program with all levels of players.

  • Top 8 players competing to play varsity every week.
  • Next 8 players are looking to move into that top 8 category
  • The next level of players will be compete to move up to JV.

All these positions are moving pieces and change throughout the season based on improvements and scores.  I am looking to keep 18-20 players max.  We can't handle more players than 20 with the number of coaches and space that we have to work with.  

This means we may have cuts depending on how many players sign up.

I am trying to build a competitive and successful program which does not allow for everyone to be a part of.  Non-Varsity seniors will not travel out of town for meets and will likely be part the cuts unless they have a chance to play at the Varsity level.

There will be a preseason meeting on Friday 23, 2024 from 3:30 to 4:00 in room 3G04 at John Marshall High School. I will provide more information on tryouts and the program expectations.  It is for all players grades 7-12 that are interested in playing golf or have already signed up for golf this season.

John Adams and Dakota students: You can take the JMHS "Activity Bus", and your parents can pick you up from John Marshall afterwards.

If you are unable to make the meeting for any reason (other sports or prior commitments), please send an email out to me to introduce yourself and I can send my presentation back to you.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to me.



My name is Scott Glandon. I am now the boys varsity golf coach.  I have been an assistant golf coach here in Rochester for the last 7 years. I am very excited to take over the program and build on the success that we already have had. 

If you have any questions at this point, please reach out to me through my email:

Updated 2/14/2024



Practice/Meet Calendar

Below are Videos from USGA.

I listed some videos individually but all can be found at the USGA website. 
All players need to know the basic rules. 

Movable Obstructions and Loose Impediments-2023

Watch this video from the USGA

Nearest Point of Complete Relief

Watch the video from the USGA.

Abnormal Conditions

Watch this video from the USGA.

Penalty Areas

Watch the video from the USGA.

Rules on the Green

Watch this video from the USGA.

Unplayable Ball 2023 Rule Change

Watch this video from the USGA.

Flagstick 2023

Watch this video from the USGA.

Bunkers 2023

Watch this video from USGA.


This is the main website for the USGA. Look Under the tab "Players" for rules information and but there is much more on this site.Check it out on a snowy cold day. All players need to know the basic rules of golf.

Rules Quiz

Link to test your knowledge on rules of golf. Great way to see how much you know about the game.

Quick Videos on Common Rules

These videos are a great way to review the basic rules of golf.

Major Rule Changes for Golf 2019

Look at these videos explining the major rule changes that happened a couple of years ago. Some of these need to watched a couple of times. Don't worry, we will discuss once we get started.

First Day of Golf