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Girls Golf

Regular Season 2017-2018
2017-2018 x Regular Season

2019 Girls Golf Team - All-City Champions - 4th Place in Section 1AAA


Updated on 10/2


Fall Practices - have been cancelled due to cases of Coronavirus rising in Rochester.  


Things you can do at home...

  1. set up an indoor putting course,
  2. go out in the yard with 4 clubs of different lengths and swing each club 25 times for 100 swings a day
  3. find a bucket to chip at from different distances trying to hit the bucket.



Golf Calendar  

Fall practices will be updated on the Golf Calendar when Coach Ollenburg gets tee times settled with Northern Hills. 


Rules Changes!!

Take the time to click on the USGA Rules link below.   There are several rules changes made last year that we will need to review/learn this spring. 

See you soon!

-Coach Ollenburg


USGA Rules


- Here is a link to the rules changes with videos from the USGA website.

Need to look up a rule?  Here is the link to the USGA Rules

- Here is a link to a different video explaining the new rules changes.


Practice Begins ?

Andy Ollenburg

Andy Ollenburg

Head Girls Golf Coach

Phone: 507-328-5330

2019 All-City Champions

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