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Boys Golf

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Thank You!

Thank you to the following for helping out at the recent concession stand:

Jon and his son Matthew B.

Jacob L.

Nick W.

Damon M.

The funds we collect from this will be used for the whole team.


Spring Sports Sign Up

You can sign up for spring sports on the athletic website beginning February 17th. 


Golf Information 2020

Here is some basic information about the golf team:

I want to encourage boys to go out for the team grades 7-12.

This is a competitive golf team.
This is not a community education team.
Experience playing golf is a must.
This is not the place to try golf to see if you like golf.
Kids new to golf would be better off taking lessons this spring and summer to see if this is a sport they want to play casually or competitively. Then come out next year.  

Player must want to practice so they can lower their score to be competitive when we play matches. 

Practices are typically Monday through Friday from 3:30 to approximately 5:30.

Players are responsible for their own transportation to practice and Rochester matches. The school provides a bus to away matches.

Practice times depend on if we are playing 9 holes that day or practicing at the range.

Players have made a commitment to JM golf and need to be at practice and available for matches.

This is not the team for students wanting to be on team so they can get out of school early. Players should always be working at getting better at their game.

Big 9 Conference rules states that seniors that do not make varsity will not play JV. JV is for developing players.

Players must have their own equipment (clubs, balls, glove etc.). The team provides range balls and pays the fees to use Northern Hills range, course and Hadley Creek Learning Facility.

Younger players should look at carpooling from school.
Club storage can be an issue, check with your MS on a place to put clubs.

We can play 16 varsity events each year. Some matches are Varsity only.  Players not traveling to a match will practice at Hadley Creek or NH.

We will also play four or five B squad matches with other Rochester schools on Fridays at Hadley Creek. A great place for young players to gain experience. 

At the PAC meeting we will talk about team rules, Letter requirements, order team gear(optional) and discuss food for players during matches.

Typically, we depart and return from the JM gym doors for matches.
I get JM kids out 15 minutes before we leave on an away trip.
MS kids need their parents to get them out and to JM on time for the bus.

We arrive about an hour before the match so we can warm up.

The food parents provide at the turn makes it so we don't have to stop for food when we are done, resulting in our getting home early.

That is it for now. I will update as questions arrive in my inbox.

My email:


Coach   Updated 5pm on 2/13/2020





PAC Meeting

The spring sport meeting will be held in the auditorium begininng at 6pm. 

At 6:30 we will break off into a classroom to meet with specific teams. 

I believe this will be the place for make your orders for shirts, hats, pullovers. These items are optional and not supplied or paid for by the school. 


Updated on 1/24/2020

Schedule So Far... as of 1/24/2020

April 6th at Winona Bridges    2:30                   12 players

April 13th at NH vs. Owatonna  2:30                 12 players

April 17th at NH vs. Lourdes   3:30                    12 players

April 21st:  at NH  vs. East and Mayo  2:30       12 players

April 30th Big 9 at Owatonna CC      10am          6 players

May 7th Northfield Invite               Noon             6 players

May 8th at MW vs. West and Albert lea   2:30   12 players

May 11  at Austin CC vs. Austin, Century, Faribault  2:30     12 players

May 14th: Mayo Invite          Noon                       6 players

May 19th at NH   BIG 9 Day 2    10 am                 6 players

May 26 and 27:  Sections at Jewell    9am             6 players