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Boys Golf

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Fall Practice Information 2020

Golf can have 10 practices this fall from 10/5 to 10/25.

The girls team from JM and Century will be sharing the course with us. 
The girls and boys teams will rotate which day they are allowed to use the tee times that NH has set aside. As of right now the tee times for high school start at 3:30.

Please note that if you can get out to NH earlier please do. Just call the clubhouse and identify yourself and number of people playing in your group. They will check your card before you play. See me when done. I should be there when you finish. 
There is still no going off the back 9.
With it getting dark soon and sooner players will need to time things right to get in 18. I am good with guys playing 9 or 18 or whatever you have time for. 
I cannot get to the course until 3:30 on most days. 
Like the regular season you will need to wait for me for range tokens. Unless you have a range pass.  
Our team needs to respect the girls tee times and not go out in their tee times. I am guessing the amount of people wanting to play with all teams will not be that big. So it should all work out. 

These practices are not mandatory and will not effect player standing on the team for next year. 

Students will need to sign up and pay a $25 fee. This fee will go toward a 10 round punch card that the player will use when they play practice rounds during practice. i get that some kids already have a golf pass and range pass. So this isn't such a great deal but your support is appreciated. 
If the weather is nasty and the course is closed, I will send emails and REMINDs to alert players and parents. 

Also, if the weather is bad and players do not use all 10 punches on the card then players may use the card later this year or next until all the punches are gone.


With worsening weather in mind I plan to do 5 practices right away the first week of October.  Then one  or two the week of MEA and try to squeeze a few more in the week of the 19th. I am sure there will be rain outs but we will have to reschedule as things come up. The weather is crazy that time of the year. 
No official practice over MEA weekend. 

We will not be playing any matches against other teams.

We will follow all Covid rules while on and off the course and in the clubhouse. 

I will be there to help get players out playing or instruct when hitting balls on the range. I am good with keeping things casual, meaning no mandatory attendance. Players can do their work and leave when they want. Come to practices every day or some. It is up to you. 

Please email me with any questions:



Updated:  7:48 PM on September 21, 2020

Sign up For REMIND

Thank you to all for signing up for REMIND. I have this in the announcement only mode at this time. I will change if I hear that would be useful to parents and players.

I will leave this up for awhile just in case.

Please Send a Text to:



Text this message:


I will use this to communicate team announcements. This is for both players and parents.

I will also send a team email with weather delays or cancellations. There will also be some last minute changes to practice locations. 



Players need to know the basic rules of the game.

We will go over the rules at some of the practices but in the mean-time players should go to and search out rules.

Players can find video tutorials to make understanding the rules much easier.

There are also some rules apps available to quiz yourself or just to have for bus rides. Remember, phones are not allowed on the course during play.



This is the main website for the USGA. There are videos on the rules.