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Boys Golf

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End of year Gathering

It’s confirmed that we will meet at NH restaurant at 6pm. 
I will have brief talk, hand out letters and wrap up the season. 
The restaurant will be available for food and drink once the JM business is concluded. 
6pm on May 26 a Thursday 

I still have an unspoken for 1/4 zip

I have a large quarter zip no one is claiming but have one guy

that didn’t his shirt back. His shirt is a Members Mark. 
please check you shirt. 


Week of May 16th

Friday: Last practice for everyone except Varsity .  Coach G has a token to hit if you want to come. 

Monday the 23rd: Varsity goes to the Big 9 at Austin CC. Coach Glandon will be with the guys.
We will ride with all three schools and depart from Mayo early in the morning. I will check the exact time. They have a range so we can practice there. 
Also, on this day is the annual B/C All City squad match at Hadley. 8 guys can play.

Those going to Hadley: Dylan Hughes, Alex B, Daniel J, Adrian T, Dylan G, Tayte H, Trent R, Jackson D.


The end of season wrap up is Thursday, May 26th at 19th hole at Northern Hills at 6 pm. I want to hand out letters, give a little end of year talk and give players and parents time to socialize. I know they are serving food and beverages.. My talk would be 15 minutes. 

AT this meeting or before, please consider donating some money for a gift card for Mike Manahan. Mike does so much behind the scenes that the boys don't see. He is a true JM golf supporter. Join me in saying thank you to Mike. 

Varsity Guys:  A thought, Tuesday: May 31---Sections at the Jewel. Day 1. Varsity only. 
We will ride with the other schools. They are seeding the tournament these days so we could ride there with Mayo and Century but not tee off for an hour and a half to 2 hours after they go. I do not have the order yet but seeding is based on our season long scores. They both have averaged better scores than us so far. 
------- I want to throw out there that possibly some parents drive some kids to Lake City to avoid waiting around to play or waiting around for other teams to finish. It makes for a long day. 

On the second day, if our team doesn't make it than I am guessing we will some individuals that will make day 2. These guys go off first, before the teams. If Century or Mayo makes it as a team our individuals will have to wait a few hours for them to finish. Again, I am hoping parents of those playing that day can sign the waiver and drive the kids up to avoid the long wait after playing. 
Players cannot drive themselves. 
I cannot drive players. 
Something to consider. 

Updated: 5/20 at 7am


2022 JM Boys Golf Schedule


4/14  @NH Tri with Byron and Stew. Moved to 5/5  2:30

4/18  @ Somerby Invite     11am    Canceled 

4/19 @ Owatonna     2:30pm      V and JV—-won 351 to 362  1-0

4/22 @ ME with Mayo      2:30pm  V and JV  Lost both  1-2

4/25 @ Stew. Invite at Austin CC— Canceled 

4/28  Big 9 Day 1 at Albert Lea at Green Lea  9am    Varsity Only came in 7th 341

4/29  @NH  with Century    4pm  Varsity only.  9 holes Cent. Takes trophy 

5/2  @NH host Tri with NF and RW    2:30pm  V and JV  Defeated RW lost to NF 2-3

5/5 @ NH vs. Stew. and Byron  2:30  top 8  lost to Stew, defeated Byron 

5/6 @ Stew 1pm at Willow Creek shot 305but lost to Stew  305 to 300

5/9 @NH Tri with AL and MW   2:30pm     V and JV 3-4

5/12 @NH with Winona         2:30pm  V and JV

5/16 @ Jewell for LC Invite.  2pm start Varsity only  

5/17 @Eastwood vs. C, Austin, Fair.  Quad.  Varsity and some JV

5/18 Rochester Invite at Soldiers

5/23 Big 9 day 2 at Austin CC. Coach Glanden will take the varsity. We will leave from Mayo Door 6 at 7:30am.

5/24 Owatonna Invite: 2pm start. Dismiss at 11:45 depart at Noon. Only 6 players

Reminder: I will have Mr. Glandon coach while I am away from May 18-22


Northern Hills Pass

Northern Hills has a junior range membership for $150.00. I'm hearing it is good until October. 

There is a junior pass available for free play at all four city courses.  I believe that membership is around $180.00

Both are a great deal. Inquire in the NH clubhouse.


Sign up For REMIND

Thank you to all for signing up for REMIND. 

I will use this as one way to notify about changes in practice locations and times. Also, any team annoucement.

Please Send a Text to:



Text this message:




Team photo

Team photo 2022.

Community Service Project


This is the main website for the USGA. Look Under the tab "Players" for rules information and but there is much more on this site.Check it out on a snowy cold day. All players need to know the basic rules of golf.

Rules Quiz

This will really test your knowledge. Start as a beginner. I know I didn't do so well my first time through. But it does help to you get exposure to the rules. Some are so complicated.

Quick Videos on Common Rules

These videos are a great way to review the basic rules of golf.

Major Rule Changes for Golf 2019

Look at these videos explining the major rule changes that happened a couple of years ago. Some of these need to watched a couple of times. Don't worry, we will discuss once we get started.